Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wii wii wii, all the way home.

ever since the nintendo wii dropped in price to a piddling $250, we've had our savings stash ready to go and buy one.

the problem?

finding one!  we weren't willing to camp outside best buy on the off chance that a delivery MIGHT occur, and we MAY get an OPPORTUNITY to purchase one.  no.  were we willing to spend sleepless nights with black bags under our eyes bidding for one on ebay?  again, no.  but whenever we are in or near a big box store, we check the electronics department for the elusive console.

the kids and i needed to run some errands at walmart today-- toothpaste and lactaid pills being the MAIN needs-- and thought we'd check the locked glass display case on the off-chance that they'd gotten a shipment since monday when t was there.

imagine my surprise when i saw a fully stocked shelf!  i did a double take, then called t.  "is this for REAL?" i asked as i read the exterior of the box for him.  "sounds like it!" he said.  so to the delighted squeals of my chil'ren (no longer thinking i'm the meanest hag on the planet) i bought the darn thing.

we carefully unplugged the xbox 360, and replaced it with the wii.

they've been bowling ever since.

thank GOODNESS, because it's 95 degrees outside.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

not for the faint of heart

girlfriend turned 7 today!

we celebrated on wednesday since t had to be in charlotte for heroes con this weekend.  her request was for LEOPARD PRINT STUFF.  good thing she made the request months ago, because i searched every bargain bin, clearance rack, and closeout sale from here to eternity to find all this stuff.

an animal print NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!

look at all the loot!

she's pretty darn pleased with herself.

i will apologize for never posting anymore.  life has gotten in the way, and posting has been quirky and difficult.  i've found i need to find the photos i want to post, edit their size in photoshop, then upload them.  often, i've made posts only to have them refuse to upload.  my frustration and my general lack of free time has caused the neglect.  and the kicker?  i'll have even less time this fall because...



i'm homeschooling h next year.  if you find my dead body at the bottom of your local neighborhood cliff, you'll know why.  i think i may have lost my last remaining marble.