Saturday, August 27, 2005


okay, so here she is. the child that i am (thankfully) not genetically responsible for. the all-american girl, born on the fourth of july, jane mary. isn't she cute? i can ask this without bias since she is not biologically mine. you can't ask anyone the same thing of your natural children or they will think you're insane. her favorite thing (so far) is a red yarn pom-pom. she loves kids, and took her first leashed walk yesterday. really i should call it a drag. very comical-- wish h had his video camera running. if it had been on, h would have titled the movie "janezilla 7: attack of leashota" or something equally as h-ish. no dance class today or next week, then we are back at the studio for the entirety of saturday morning. there's enough going on right now without dragging up to town first thing in the morning on saturday. i'm thankful today for being able to chill out! well, if cleaning puppy puddles is chilling.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

first day

the first day of school for them, the first day of (relative) freedom for me. both kids were happy to go back, and of course i didn't know what to do with myself. went to the gym, then checked out the thrift shop. got some new books (like i needed any more) and some nice clothes for s. met a friendly newcomer to the area with kids the same age. t & i took jane to elmo's for lunch, she cried the whole way there but was good while we ate & slept all the way home.

for doing next to nothing all day, i was exhausted and napped since t FINALLY is done with the deadline from hell and can hang out with us some more. he is at a tool show at the pbo fairgrounds with h right now.

s and i are going to read bruno the carpenter.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


what a day i had! not enough sleep, had to let the pup out at 5am, dropped a shoe on my toe. it's purple and swollen, i think it's broken. then i unwittingly stepped on an underground wasp nest and got stung on the back of the OTHER foot. thank god it was only once, and that it wasn't one of the kids. my luck changed at the school open house... h got the teacher he wanted. now he's freaking out to go back to school tomorrow, and i'm looking forward to relative freedom! however, i'm not looking forward to making 180 packed lunches. hopefully s will buy her lunch instead.