Thursday, September 22, 2005

on the madness of my son

so here is an exceprt from h's 6 "ishu" godzilla comic mini-series. this particular subplot involves godzilla's experimentation with wine. when i first saw this, i was on the FLOOR laughing. now, we know that he couldn't possibly be making a subconscious reference to his mother's 1 glass a night habit, don't we?

now, he wants to write a book about alexander the great and his horse, bucephalus. we'll see what insights into alexander's life a 6 year old will bring us. i don't think we'll be having him watch the recent colin farrell biopic for inspiration, either.

the kid is so excited about this weekend's retrofantasma festival of horror films at the carolina theater in durham. they're showing 'the monster squad' and he couldn't stop talking about that movie for DAYS after noah loaned it to us. i can't remember the other film they're showing, but any out-past-midnight evening for a 6 year old is very very exciting.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

on the warped mind of my daughter...

i just wrote an entire post then lost it due to internet malfunction. this time i'll hit 'save' a few times before i post.

last night i was wondering where my daughter could possibly be, for she had been quiet far too long. if you are a parent, you know that this can be a very dangerous (or at least messy) situation. i found her at the kitchen counter, her new favorite place to play with the dangers of puppy teeth elsewhere. she had her 'littlest pet shop' toys all set up around her. now, if you've never seen these things, they are tiny bobble-head creatures and they are hideously ugly. the designers must have been attempting the 'they're so ugly they're cute' look, something like a cabbage patch kid. in my estimation, they failed miserably, because these things are just downright ugly. anyhow, my daughter must have been channeling christo, for she had mummified all of her pets in scotch tape. i was so baffled, i took a picture. what would a psychoanalyst say? probably that she's either a freak of that she's going to be a sort of process or performance artist. personally, after listening to her sing ALL the way through target yesterday, i think she'll be an opera singer. i was cracking up the whole time, but other customers didn't find her projecting her vibrato to be amusing. don't we always think our kids are funnier than other people do? anyhow, when we got home i played her 'opera singer' by cake-- one of my favorites-- but she was unimpressed. if it's not the soundtrack from 'annie' right now, just forget it.

tomorrow i'll ramble on the warped mind of my son.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

hard labor

yes, i know labor day was YESTERDAY, but some of us are just getting to their blogs TODAY. okay, i haven't written since maybe FRIDAY, but i'll try to catch up a little. so much is lost along the way, but i simply can't get on every day.

saturday was another no-dance day thank goodness. we're back to the studio next week, and while the kids are excited, i'm not looking forward to over 3 hours of waiting. we celebrated the last day of saturday freedom with a water party, even though h is still feeling crappy. i filled the baby pool, the slip-n-slide, and some water balloons. i turned on the bubble machine and the kidz bop (ugh) and we licked bomb-pops and enjoyed the lazy day. that is, after the trip to walmart (ugh again).

sunday was catch-up-on-housekeeping day since i no longer have barb to take care of me. i did run into her and her daughters at walmart, though. they're splitting their time between richmond and here for a year. i can't imagine how tough that will be, but i know their roots are here, and it's hard to just up and leave.

labor day was just relaxing. we had an invite to go eat ice cream with the sanfilippo/vanfleet clan, but i didn't think h's runny nose would go over well with anyone. we stayed home again, which causes my brain to go ch-ching! when i think of how much gas $ we're saving. gas was $3.19 at the pump on sat, and there was a $50 limit. this is now a post-katrina world. what a mess, naturally, emotionally, politically. i wish we could do more than just give $ to the red cross.

today i sent h to school so he would not be counted absent even though i need to pick him up for a dental appt at 10:30. i won't take him back... it's too much more fun to play hooky. i though maybe the unusually hellish chuck-e-cheese's might be just the post-dentist ticket. he's already sick (c-e-c's is notorious for germs) and there won't be many school-agers there. i have to steel myself for the possibility. true grit, i'm tellin' ya.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

saturday again

thursday ended up being a therapeutic day of quiet accomplishment. s and i took it easy all day, mostly played polly pockets. those things must have been created by a fashion frustrated mother. it's so much fun to mix and match polly styles, then give her a bag and shoes to match. she can go cruising to the salon in her cool hot-tub car, and chat on her cell phone. the only drawback is that the pieces are sometimes about 1/8 by 1/16 of an inch. when there is loss and heartbreak, not much can be done about it. the other ultra-cool website for moms and kids is the paper doll maker. we've both had hours of fun creating, printing, and playing paper dolls.

the fun on thursday came when h got off the bus crabby, tired, and getting sick with a cold. ALREADY! seems it's going around like wildfire. so while t was still working in the studio on the new ea project, i put the crying and whining boy-child in bed at 7 pm. then proceeded to put s and myself in bed not long after. i let h sleep in before school yesterday am, which he probably needed. now, maybe he can recuperate from this itty bitty cold over the labor day weekend.

all this put me behind yesterday, which is always frustrating but a little nice. no race to the bus, race to pre-k, race to the gym and home to help t. helps me relax to just let cosmic forces sweep me along, nothing much i can do about it. so not much was accomplished before h got off the bus with his lovely girlfriend morgyn. man, those kids are 2 peas in a pod. it slays me. no wonder they're in love! but, according to h's diary, they will not kiss until college. so i have no worries. ah, young love! isn't it grand.

t went out with noah last night, i'm still not quite sure what they did (other than go to best buy for christy's birthday present) because t's still not out of bed. piglets and i walked jane around the block, thus de-energizing the lot of them. i let them watch tv kind-of late 'cause they were being so darn good.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

busy, busy days

these first days after school starts are a little shock to the system the rigid structure and sheer quantity of things that need to be done just throws me after the carefree summer days! we'll get into the swing of it after awhile. but just for today (after freaking out getting all of h's preparations for school accomplished) s and i are going to have a home-girl day. chilling out doing girl-stuff at home. and maybe i can squeeze in some of that neglected housework, too. working in the studio for t when scarlett's at school takes away the time when i could do uninterrupted housework (in half the usual time, and without the interruptions and disruptive aftermath). i enjoy *actually* working so much, though. and it's such nice time with my husband. we can actually have a whole conversation!

jane is having tons of accidents, i really need to buckle down on the potty training. hah! i'll do it in my *free* time. she's so so so sweet, though, and is so happy to see each one of us every day. she even ate some of my seaweed salad yesterday, and i was so impressed. a little sushi girl, after my own heart.

so i ended up at the doctor's office on tuesday with parasthesias, the technical term for tingling in the hands and feet. we're trying to get to the bottom of it (i'm sure the diagnosis will be that i'm insane) but it sure is annoying.

time to go snuggle with my girls and watch tom & jerry with a steaming cup of fresh coffee.