Monday, September 17, 2007

busy weekend!

i'll apologize in advance for the image-heavy post. sometimes pictures tell the story better than words can, especially when it's morning and the coffee is only half-drank. half-drunk? which is it? see, i can't quite form a complete thought yet.

first thing this weekend, the kids got proactive and made their own halloween decorations. this lovely bat made by h is hanging over our heads in the kitchen.
and this one-eyed giant greets us when we walk into the garage.
then, t decided to take the kids to the chatham county fair in pittsboro. it's a complete rip-off, almost $4 per crappy little ride. but hey, it was fun, and it was something to do. all the fair photos were taken with his iphone, btw.

they both got to try their hand at milking a "doot," more commonly known as a goat. "doot" is what h called 'em when he was a tiny little guy.
they got home and got ready for bed. s fell fast asleep while h buried his nose in harry potter until he got sleepy. the phone rang, and it was the people that run the fair. guess what? they had some door prizes and h won a brand-new bike and matching helmet. t jumped back in the car to retrieve it, and before h went to sleep he got to see the shiny new bike. i'll bet he had sweet dreams, 'cause at 7 am sunday morning he was ready for a ride. he and i, along with jane (the dog who loves to herd bikes), took a spin around the block to test it out. luckiest kid on the planet, huh?

Friday, September 14, 2007

not MY daughter

at the beginning of first grade, the teachers do reading, writing and math assessments to discern a student's level as well as their strengths and weaknesses. the writing assessment came home today in my daughter's backpack. among the written pages was this one:
now personally, i think SHE has lost her minb if she likes spongebob better than any other tv show. why?? what is it about spongebob? does anybody get it? i can't believe that a child that sprang forth from my loins could like this show. i have seen every episode 42, 987 times (only a quarter as many as my friend kim has seen it) and i still don't understand. i am so baffled by her choice of animated shows. i mean, what's not to like about the fairly oddparents?? timmy turner ROCKS! floaty crowny things make me laugh! oh, and don't even get me started on foster's home for imaginary friends. the antics of that crazy bloo! pure entertainment.

so why does she watch hour upon hour of spongebob? *sob* why?

can anyone help me?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

t's new coif

my sweet and darling husband is infamous for his hair. he has massive hair, hair that almost has a life of its own. on top of his enigmatic personality, it takes on even more life. it's BIG. really big. here's a recent photo of his hair, looking rather tame, on the first day of school:

he finally decided it was time for a change. it hasn't been short-short in years! but when t goes short, he has to do it in true t style. nothing conservative, boring or bland. we both are hair adventurers and we have the irrepressible andrea (pronounced "ON-drea") to continually, over the course of many years, to make our dream tresses become reality.

here's the result:

and here's the leftover pile: