Friday, August 31, 2007

knight in shining armor

i needed to run some errands at target today, and on my way there i drive perilously close to the tj maxx homegoods store. there's never any harm in taking a quick spin through that place... you never know what interesting item or good bargain they may have. unbelievable! they already had their halloween decor in stock. halloween is 2 months away! ah, no bother. and there, shining among the witch-painted nutcrackers and pumpkin-shaped cast iron tureens was a knight. a knight in shining armor. a handsome fellow at about 6.5 feet tall, he beckoned to me. thinking that he may be a fixture belonging to the store, i scanned for a price tag. "$99," it proclained on the sticky tag between his shoulder blades. now, that's a load of cash, but not for something that i so clearly needed for the rest of my life as this knight. he was the kind of item i'd be kicking myself over forever if i didn't buy him.

i went to pay for him, and assistance was needed to spirit him to the front of the store. the kink in the plan? i had not brought the minivan, but had instead tried to conserve both gas and mileage by taking the little sedan. no way was my new friend going to fit in the car. not to be discouraged, i had them place a hold tag on him, with the promise that i would return in the minivan later.

i raced through target, raced home only a mere half-hour away, then jumped in the van in the hopes i could get there and back again in time to get the kids off the bus. in record time i got there, paid, and hoisted my man into the minivan. several people stopped & rolled down their windows in the parking lot. "is the knight INCLUDED with the shining armor?" one woman asked.

who could resist dragging him to the end of the driveway to meet the kids at the bus? it was fun to see their faces as they got off the bus to see our new family mascot waiting for them. we decided that he could live on the front porch for now to herald all visitors. our dilemma now is what to name him? any suggestions are welcome, as long as the name begins with "sir."

here he is, in all his splendor, on our front porch.

postscript: what do you think of the name sir ferrous oxidable?

Monday, August 27, 2007


no, that's not REALLY how i feel. the kids going back to school is bittersweet. at the same moment i miss them, i'm happy for them! they're excited to get on the bus, see their friends, and experience another year of learning. luckily, they still love school.
this morning was not the best for h. t and the kids camped out in the backyard on friday night, and as a result, he is riddled with bug bites. the worst bites being... where else?... on his scrotum. honestly. so the poor kid, despite globs of hydrocortisone cream, was clutching at his crotch whilst awaiting the bus. it's bad enough that i'm telling the story online; i won't mortify him by adding the photographic evidence. so if he looks less-than-thrilled in the photo, that's why.

he's going into 3rd grade, and has a veteran teacher that everyone says is big on projects. i say... BRING IT ON! hopefully she'll be cool about me volunteering in the class once a week. s's teacher... SURPRISE!... is the same one as last year! i am pleased as punch that this teacher got moved to first grade because I LOVE HER and the assistant teacher to bits. they create a classroom of fun, love and laughter that i am thrilled to be a part of (inexcusable dangling participle). also, we've had some separation anxiety issues with our daughter over the summer, and having teachers to whom she's already attached will ease the transition. heck, she bawled a few times over the summer because she missed her TEACHERS so much!

hope everyone's transition back to school is going as well as ours! well, except the itchy balls part.