Friday, June 15, 2007

7 things...

ML at zee's space tagged me to write about 7 things that happened to me as a teen. reliving even a moment of those years makes me want to choke, but i'll give it a shot.

1. my friend jill was housesitting our senior year and asked me to stay with her so she wouldn't be alone in a strange place. she and her boyfriend were having a fight, so i went to bed. when she finally came up to bed (we were sharing the same one) i was half-asleep, but heard her clearly and distictly say, "keep your tongue and your lips AWAY from my body." "were you worried?" i replied. turns out she was talking to the dog. it's been a running joke ever since.

2. i took a trip across the country with my friend leslie (shout out to les-o-lee!) and her mom and dad when i was 13. we traveled in their naugahyde-upholstered station wagon hauling a camper. it was the first time i had traveled ANYWHERE, and these folks have no idea how badly i was bitten by the travel bug after that. we saw mt rushmore and yellowstone, as well as countless gorgeous campgrounds. check out the extreme hair on my head. leslie and i reconnected a few years ago after i google-stalked her, and have had fun getting to know eachother again.

3. i met my husband. i moved from suburban indianapolis to suburban detroit between my sophomore and junior years. we were 16. here's photographic evidence from the yearbook... we were in a play together. he was my father in the play (the guy holding the plant on the left) and i was a bride (in the middle). so i've known him more than half my life. jill, from #1 was also in the play, and it's where i met her, too.

4. tommy and i were voted class artists our senior year. hoo boy! more extreme hair.

5. i spent the summer after i graduated from high school out west with a geology program through the university of michigan's camp davis. it was based near jackson, wyoming, but during the program we travelled to montana, utah, nevada and idaho. i'll never forget the incredible time i had or the stunning sights i saw. oh, and it was a great way to kill 8 credit hours of science... not my best subject. i have many, many photos, but don't feel like scanning at the moment.

6. after i got back from that trip i had both of my jaws cracked open, replaced, and screwed back together. it was supposed to correct my bite. it was interesting.

7. when i got my driver's license, my folks gave me my dad's old company car to drive. it was a late 80's model 4-door black cutlass. i named him slick elliot. i loved that car. senior year, my friends and i painted poster-paint on our cars before graduation, and the paint baked into the finish, permanently etching the inane crap we had written into the paint of the car. my parents sold him after i graduated and went to college, and he was shortly thereafter wrecked. boo-hoo!


Beenzzz said...

Great job on this meme! I love the pics. I need to do mine still but my teen years are a blur. :)
The part about you getting your jaw cracked..........OUCH! Did it help though?

Sanjay said...

Great pics and loved the meme.
Hair seems to be a common theme when reminiscing about teen years no?
Our workplace had one of those things where you put up pics from your school yearbook. The funniest part was ofcourse looking at the clothes in the pictures and ofcourse the hair!
Talking about jaws cracking, I used to have my jaws click when I chewed often accidentally biting in to my lips or the insides of my mouth, but that seems to have gone away.. phew!
Your teen years were surely much more fun than mine. Thank you for telling us about them!

gmcountrymama said...

Big Big hair, I love it! Thanks for sharing about your teen years.

hellomelissa said...

beenzzz-- mostly it didn't help. but a little bit, it did. i want to see your version of this meme! pleeeeeaaaase?

sanjay-- for any of us, hair history is a funny issue, but those of us fom the 80's have particularly interesting stories to tell! i'm sure that many have burned the photographic evidence.

gmcm-- my hair is naturally big. yesterday i ironed it smooth, and by the end of the day i had big ol' 80's feather wings from the humidity.

Secret Pal said...

Wow, I feel like I really haven't lived after reading this blog! You were busy in your teens!

ML said...

Great meme! After reading it, I'm not sure why you were dreading it cause you had fab stuff to tell us.

The cracking open your jaw and screwing it back again sounds incredibly painful!

The part about the dog cracked me up!

Have a great weekend.

E. R. Dunhill said...

The images are great; a couple of them remind me of an exhibit at the Ogden.

Autumn's Mom said...

Loved your meme! And your big hair. I still have big hair. I'm just to pooped to fight it these days. I'm still spraying and scrunching! haha

Booklogged said...

Such a fun meme. You talk about the big hair of the 80's = someday I should post some pictures of my 60's and 70 hair. I envy the cute styles the girls can wear today.

Laughed at that dog kisses. So did you and Tommy date in high school?
My meme like this had 8 items. I feel cheated that you only shared 7.

Ally Bean said...

#1 is a hoot.

#5 I wish I had thought of to get science credits.

#6 sounds awful.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Melissa!

Loved the meme and great that you thought to include pictures too!

I had read about #6 before but even so it made go "ouch"

I've been tagged too, but my teenage years were most interesting. I think, for me, life began at 20! lol

mrsmogul said...

Wow you have known your husband since you were 16!!! If I married my bf at 16 we would be divorced now, he was such a jerk!! Anyway I just got my license two years ago!! SO you are way ahead of me in driving.

Beth said...

OK, you made my day! (The hair pics, not the jaw thing) I'll share my bleached blonde, spiral perm, buck-toothed pics next time we down a bottle of Cabernet! Gotta love the 80's! Tight jeans & slouch socks---awwww, their making a comeback!

Susan in Italy said...

Wow! You and T. met in a high school play! In the photo, I wouldn't recognize either of you. Your faux-hawk hairdo from the profile is more becoming than the big hair, for sure.

J at said...

I wanted that hair. Mine is far too flat. Sigh.

Love the list. Travelling does indeed rock, and somehow it's different when you're not with your parents.

Da Mommy said...

Party on girl, I see your sense of adventure was well in tact even at a young age!

Angela in Europe said...

Jeez, number 6 is harsh!

Love the hair. At least you didnt have the ski slope for your pic.