Tuesday, December 11, 2007

santa photo: version 2008

the kids and i played hooky today.

well, not REALLY.  they did have a dental checkup to make our day off legit, but we did have fun with the rest of our day.

first, h spent his birthday $$ on an ipod shuffle.  the cool special edition RED one, too.  good choice for a 9 year old boy, huh?

then s spent her saved allowance (and some certificates i had) on a polar bear at build-a-bear.  she named it knut after "knut the cute" from the berlin zoo.

then we visited santa.  s asked for an american girls OUTFIT (the blue one that matches the just like me doll she got last year from santa).  h asked for avatar: the burning earth video game for his xbox.  santa looked befuddled.

we went to the park to bask in the 80 degree record-breaking heat.

it's nice to take a day off from school, isn't it?


Family Adventure said...

80 degrees? I guess that explains the t-shirt! Wow. It was so, so cold here today, and tomorrow is due to get even colder.

That's a good-looking Santa. And even better-looking kids :) I'm glad you had a lovely day.


Beenzzz said...

Man, it's been 30-33 degrees here in ice capped Utah for the past couple of weeks!
Love the photo of your kids with Santa!

ML said...

What a cute photo!

Beenzzz and I had our photo taken with Santa and I think we were in our 20's or close to that.

Victoria said...

80s. Bleck. I was melting here today!

Such a cute pic and it sounds like a lovely day. Shhh...we're playing hookey on Friday. Ya gotta do that some days, right? =)

melissa said...

Greetings fellow Melissa!

It's been really warm here too, until now. Love those cold fronts that come in the middle of the day...NOT!

And the mixed holiday message is classic! A little Nightmare Before Christmas perhaps?

I blogged my Duran Duran concert for TT. Stop by if you can!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

It's been cold here in NorCal, too. Low 30s. Brrr.

Love the picture!

gmcountrymama said...

That sounds like a perfect day to play hookie, I mean go to the dentist.
Wow, I am soooo cold lately I feel like my bones are frozen!

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