Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wii wii wii, all the way home.

ever since the nintendo wii dropped in price to a piddling $250, we've had our savings stash ready to go and buy one.

the problem?

finding one!  we weren't willing to camp outside best buy on the off chance that a delivery MIGHT occur, and we MAY get an OPPORTUNITY to purchase one.  no.  were we willing to spend sleepless nights with black bags under our eyes bidding for one on ebay?  again, no.  but whenever we are in or near a big box store, we check the electronics department for the elusive console.

the kids and i needed to run some errands at walmart today-- toothpaste and lactaid pills being the MAIN needs-- and thought we'd check the locked glass display case on the off-chance that they'd gotten a shipment since monday when t was there.

imagine my surprise when i saw a fully stocked shelf!  i did a double take, then called t.  "is this for REAL?" i asked as i read the exterior of the box for him.  "sounds like it!" he said.  so to the delighted squeals of my chil'ren (no longer thinking i'm the meanest hag on the planet) i bought the darn thing.

we carefully unplugged the xbox 360, and replaced it with the wii.

they've been bowling ever since.

thank GOODNESS, because it's 95 degrees outside.


Family Adventure said...

Woo-hoo! Good find :)


Mr. L said...

Yeah, it took us a couple of months to get one. Mrs. L finally found a sympathetic store employee who offered to call when some came in. The store received TWO units and we got the heads up and grabbed one. I am able to avoid it, mostly...unless Master L needs someone to thrash!

gmcountrymama said...

Sounds like fun, but I only bowl when I am drunk!

Anonymous said...

Well I hope your babes enjoy it, as my 13 year old doesn't. I think it's much better for younger kids because the games seem to be geared towards little ones!! I love the tennis, it is fantastic!!

Beenzzz said...

We just recently purchased a Wii and a bunch of games too. I love Rockband. I am a drumming addict!

J at said...

Wow, and here I am, too cheap to even buy an XBox 360! You go girl!

Nicki said...

Sometimes it pays to hang in there and be "the hag" - which, of course, you totally aren't - you guys have to be about the coolest parents on the planet. But your kids won't realize that until they're in their mid-twenties... :-)