Monday, July 28, 2008

fried smelt 'n' figs

two of my favorite things, both of which i only am able to have once a year.

imagine my joy when today i was able to have both together! what a combination! gourmets of the world are taking note, i'm sure. oh, and i washed it all down with a vernor's ginger ale.

fried smelt i only get when i'm visiting my parents in michigan. for those who are unfamiliar, smelt are little fish with the heads chopped off, rolled in batter, and deep fried. you eat the whole darn body... spine, fins and all. a few years ago i did a post on bortell's fresh fish market south of ludington on lake michigan.

figs i can usually only find at whole foods market in chapel hill. but today at the meijer store in ludington, there they were... 2 packages for $4! i was moronic with delight. the produce shoppers must have thought i was nuts.

so, on the way home from our shopping trip, i savored each bite of my lunch. it was heavenly.

you can go vomit now.


happy pants said...

i'm not sure it was the fried smelt that got me so much as the vernors. sorry. eew.

my husband is a smelt fisherman - he and his brothers go in the middle of the winter and leave at like 3 am to go sit in the middle of a tiny shack in the middle of a tiny lake in the middle of nowhere, somewhere "up maine". glad you enjoyed your lunch. thanks for sharing. and yes, I will go vomit now. :-)

J at said...

I'm not a huge fig fan, except in a newton, but that smelt is pretty enticing! Never tried it, but I would.

Actually, I had a salad once with figs in it, and it was pretty awesome. So maybe I'll rethink that fig thing. They're easy to find in my neck of the woods.

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Mr. L said...

They call it "smelt" for a reason...I'll pass, thanks! :)

Susan in Italy said...

I wonder if smelt are the same thing as fresh anchovies. Over here they serve them that way sometimesand i guess the bones (good 'n crunchy!) are full of calcium! I wholeheartedly embrace your fig enthusiasm. They're wonderful.