Tuesday, November 29, 2005

disneyworld--animal kingdom lodge

where to start? and where to end?

what a whirlwind of a week. what a busy vacation. in a nutshell, i don't think we've ever been as busy or as relaxed, and none of us wanted to come home.

disney is no longer a theme park, it's an experience. not just rides, but cultures, art, learning, exploring. we all took something different away from it.

the animal kingdom lodge where we stayed is phenomenal. the lobby, restaurants, pool, art direction (african) are unparalleled. the rooms leave something to be desired. small and un-kid-friendly. the best thing about the room was the balcony which overlooked a savanna filled with african animals.

the smartest thing we did? buy two mugs for $12 each at the snack bar that could be refilled with beverage of choice for the rest of the stay. hot coffee in the morning! soda for the kids! hot coffee in the afternoon! hot coffee in the evening! wahoo! and luckily there wa a fridge in the room so we saved $$ on food, too.

there was a great playground for the kids, too, and 'simba's cubhouse' where you can leave your kids for $10 an hour. totally worth it. all around are safari animals, waterfalls, hot tubs, etc.

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