Friday, November 11, 2005

veterans day

a day without school CAN be a fun day. REALLY!! take for instance my last post from halloween. the day off was fun filled, adventurous, happy. today was miserable, stress-filled and yucky. i did have a ton to do with company coming this weekend, but the majority of the stress was caused by my usually type B (but sleepdeprived) son. he was just crabby and ill all day. s was her usual contrary self, and jane was chewing the walls, just begging for a walk.

once i got the lion's share of the cleaning done, t and h went to get our friend joel (from london) at the airport. things calmed considerably, and i was able to squeeze in a shower and a walk. s wanted to sit in the stroller (at nearly 4 1/2 she's WAY too old) and i relented as it gives me a better workout. jane has been a much happier dog the rest of the day.

i took out a turkey breast to thaw this morning, planning on a pseudo-thanksgiving. t is on a low-carb diet, so all he would be able to eat is turkey. when he came back with joel, he informed me that joel is a vegetarian. ah, the best laid plans. one is all meat, the other is no meat. i can't win. they inform me that they're going out tonight anyways. c'est la vie, and i don't have to cook after a long long day of cleaning and fighting children. wahoooo!

after spongebob the kids are going straight to bed and i'm going to soak in a hot hot hot tub and read a book with a big cold glass of chardonnay by my side. now doesn't THAT sound nice???

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