Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i got nothin'.

well, i got somethin'. but it ain't much today.

seems there's a million and one posts stuck in my head, and i think... "after i feed the cat. after i walk the dog. after i work for an hour. after i make dinner." then it somehow never happens.

blake is singing "you give love a bad name" on bon jovi night on american idol in the background, and somehow beatboxing just doesn't mix with 80's big hair rock.

anyhow, i'll offer you a piece of s art. she's budding into quite the little designer these days! here's the process on this one:

she's OBSESSED with pets. dogs and cats particularly, and ads or catalog photos of these pets make her screech at a decibel only HEARD by most pets. she cuts out these photos and usually adds them to her animal collage, which i will need to feature in another post as i don't have a photo of it and the camera's dead.

this particular kitty pic must have struck her fancy for she chose to make a puppet of it instead. first we tried a paper bag puppet, but it just wasn't happenin'. then we decided a stick puppet would be better, so we stuck the kitty head on a popsicle stick. it wasn't quite enough detail for my kindergartener, so she broke apart other sticks to make arms and legs. the stick-tail inexplicably got stuck to the FRONT of the cat, making it look a bit more like another kind of appendage, but i'll let that go. she added the cute little a-line dress and a picture drawn by the kitty herself in the hand and VOILA! instant stick puppet.

cute, huh?


Mr. L said...

Well...it COULD just be a side-view of the tail!! LOL! I'd give her the benefit-of-the-doubt on this one.

Otherwise...that's one well-endowed cross-dressin' cat!!

Jay said...

Oh, a tail!

maryfran said...

That Miss B is just too talented.I can just hear her, as she looks at the pictures of the cats and dogs. Do love her kitty puppet. Must run now - dental appts. for Dad and me.

Beenzzz said...

HAHAHAHA! Ok, that was funny. I love her puppet. You know, I think s. and I are the same when it comes to cats (and sometimes dogs). In fact, I think her idea of an animal collage is brilliant. I need to make one of those puppets too. :)

Secret Pal said...

Very crafty!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Way too cute. :)

Autumn's Mom said...

Is that a popsickle in her pocket? Or is she just happy to see me!

Adult humor aside, I love it!

gmcountrymama said...

Autumns mom wrote what I was going to write! That is the cutest art I have seen in a long time. I'll have to get T to start cutting pics out of magazines for projects.

booklogged said...

Melissa, it seems to me that you provide your kids with right tools to help them express their creativity.

So glad you explained the tail. Tell s that I love your stuff and I want to see more.

Angela in Europe said...

Hehe, kids are funny people!

Lainey-Paney said...

we are all sick, sick, sick muthas.

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