Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my baby!

those who know me well know how much i love my car. the darn thing is 4 years old and has 76,000 miles on it, and i love it like i just got it yesterday. we are in the car a LOT since we live far from anything, and having my nissan quest makes every trip comfortable and enjoyable. really!

y'all know it's deer season, and the normally insane amount of deer is at a fever pitch right about now. it's not uncommon to spot 13 different GROUPS of deer on any given night on your way home. just 2 days ago, a little deer in the neighborhood walked out in front of my car (now at a full stop since i saw him coming) and almost bonked his head on the bumper!

anyhow, i had just taken the kids to get some takeout indian food (a whole other blog post... this woman does it weekly from her kitchen) and was on my way home, nibbling pakoras along the way when... WHOOSH! from out of the trees bolted a graceful deer from the passenger side. i didn't have much time to brake, and i hit the deer on the driver's side.


my baby is all smashed up. luckily, we were only a mile from home and everything was working properly. i drove home, and savored chicken korma, beet raita, and potato bhaji while i filed a claim with the insurance. this morning i ran over to the autobody place to get an estimate. the damage was $3600! good thing the deductible is only $50. yay for auto insurance.

i must brine the turkey now, but i'll leave you with the parting shots of my squished baby.

happy thanksgiving, y'all!


Autumn's Mom said...

Oh noooooooo! What a bummer. I hope your baby is as good as new soon. I came this close to hitting a neighbors HUGE dog who darted in front of my car yesterday. Thankfully, I missed the son of a biscuit.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

gmcountrymama said...

So sorry to hear about your vehicle glad you weren't injured. Nice deductible though.
I like your Shelfari shelf, I will have to get one.

Family Adventure said...

Glad you weren't hurt!


Beenzzz said...

Oh no! I'm glad you guys made it out ok though. Your din din sounds delish. Happy Thanksgiving.

Karen MEG said...

Glad you're OK. Sorry about your car, but at least your baby can be fixed, so that's a good thing.
I also love Indian food. Looking forward to the post about that too!

Susan in Italy said...

1.) Holy cow! I have never heard of so many deer in one place. (Never lived in the country, I guess that's why)
2.) So sorry about your car and by the looks of the damage that must have been one scary moment! Whew - glad you're all ok.

3.) Please do blog the Indian meal - it sounds ab fab.

4.) So, did you have venison for Thanksgiving?

Jay said...

We have some kamikaze deer around here also. Makes you paranoid. I'm glad you were all okay though, and $50 deductible, that's incredible!

J at said...

OUCH! I killed a runaway tire on the road this week, which caused $5K in damage to the underside of our newish car. :( Yay insurance!

But now, we're just an hour and a half away from the BSG tv movie! Are you excited???

Kelly Malloy said...

Oh your poor car! At least no one was hurt!

ML said...

I'm glad you guys came out of that one unhurt!

Brining turkey is the bomb!

Victoria said...

Yikes! Glad no one was injured. Can you believe it's so expensive for a repair? Bleck.

Mm. Turkey.

Booklogged said...

So glad you were all okay. And that your insurance will cover it for a mere $50 deductible.

Amazingly, I had never heard of brining a turkey before this year. We brined our turkey and were delighted with the results.

Home you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mr. L said...

I thought for sure you were going to say you enjoyed some venison vindaloo. Heh. Around here, if you hit a deer, the police call the next person on the "roadkill list" to come pick it up. It's like YOU do the hunting for them...

You were lucky (as I'm sure you know). The larger ones can total the car and cause serious injury.

Da Mommy said...

THAT is $3600 in damage?? What has the world of autobody come to these days??
So glad it can be fixed!

Andie D. said...

What about the deer? Do you just leave it there, or do you pull over to check it out? What is proper deer etiquette?

I have no deer here! I need to know!

Nabeel said...

ouch .. hopefully the engine wasn't hurt that much .. 'cuz it seems like it's only the body.