Saturday, November 03, 2007

will i get a shower today??

at 7:30 this morning i opened my eyes, looked at the clock and realized something.

i was supposed to take coffee to the girl scouts' yard and bake sale by 7:45.

crap! i jumped up, put the first pot of coffee on, got dressed, and got the borrowed carafes out of my van.

brewed the pot of decaf, piled everything in the car, and thanked my LUCKY STARS that the sale was taking place in my neighborhood. i got there by 8, not TOO late, but the earlybirds were circling and would probably have bought a cup or two by now. the girls were red-nosed and freezing, begging me to bring them a pot of hot cocoa.

when i got home, t and h were in a tizzy preparing for their very first cub scout camping trip. the ceremonies started at 11:30, so they had loads of work to get done in time to leave. i was helping them get organized and packed when the phone rang. in only a half an hour they were out of coffee at the sale!

back to the brew center went i, and since i was feeling solicitous toward the girls, i made them a pot of cocoa. then back to the yard sale. the cocoa sold out while i stood there, so i went home, made ANOTHER pot and went back. the girls drank that pot so i made ANOTHER pot and went back.

of course, in between, i was packing for the camping trip, feeding children, dosing children with appropriate cough & cold meds, etc.

finally, the boys left. they even took the DOG! it was just me & my sick girly who was sad to miss the girl scouts' sale. she has a nasty virus that's left her unable to talk. it's WEIRD. also, her throat hurts, she has a croupy cough, and is wheezing when she breathes. i guess it's going around the 1st grade.

i got one more call to bring coffee & cocoa. no problem. i had taken photos of the kids, but had no way to share them. that's when i got the brilliant idea of starting a private blog for our troop. i got to work on that & got it all set up. i think it'll end up being a valuable resource for the troop.

now i'm stuck cleaning coffee pots, carafes and pitchers! it's 1:33 pm... will i ever get to shower?!


C said...

OMG! What a busy morning you had! It's crazy how weekends are supposed to be more relaxing for most people, but for some (me included...and I don't even have kids yet!), weekends are just insane!

I'm impressed you were able to get ready so fast! Your internal clock must have been telling you to get up when you did!

Hope the rest of your day is great! Happy showering (when you eventually do get to shower)! ;)

Lotus Reads said...

Melissa, if it's any consolation, I haven't showered yet either and it's 4:00pm, ugh!

Family Adventure said...

Wow, Melissa, 30 minutes from opening your eyes to delivery of freshly brewed coffee. That's got to be some kind of record!

You were doing good things for everyone - there'll be time for showering later :)

Hope the camping trip is a great success.


Victoria said...

Lately, I find showering is completely over-rated. Wait, no I don't, but that's what I tell myself when I miss one! *grin*

familymclean said...

Oh my, this is what I have to look forward to?!
Wow, you have some great energy!

Karen MEG said...

I love my showers. That's half the reason I go to the gym - sometimes that's the only time I get my shower!
What a busy morning! Hope your daughter feels better real soon.

gmcountrymama said...

You ARE good! I didn't realize Girlscouts drank coffee. Heh Heh.

Beth said...

Melissa = Supermom!

Remember those commercials--I wanna be like Mike about Michael Jordan----I wanna be like Melissa! ;)

Hope somewhere in there you were at least able to get yourself a cup of coffee.

ML said...

WOW! You were certainly a busy lady. I hope you eventually got your shower.

Your poor sick kid! I hope she gets better soon. It's so sad when they get sick.

By the way, I got my book and all the the goodies! I blogged about it. Thank you! I loved it.