Wednesday, May 06, 2009

7 and 1/2 months

yes, it's been 7.5 months since i last blogged.


and i was reminded today (ahem, you know who you are) that i haven't blogged in a long time. now, the specific number 7.5 was NOT mentioned, but i've been feeling the pressure in my own mind to put up something, ANYTHING, on my blog so as not to let it die completely.

the beatles are playing on itunes by request of s, who is partial to "everyone's got something to hide except me and my monkey." we both wait with bated breath until the beatles version of rock band is released. won't that be excellent? we'll need to crack out the ol' drum kit and go to town.

there are 24 more days left of public school for s, and then she, too, will be a homeschooler along with h. it's been a tough time being home with him and NOT having her here. i am honestly relieved that she chose to homeschool next year as well. for all of you who ask how long i plan to homeschool, the answer is simply: i don't know. we put one foot in front of the other and take it one day at a time. hopefully i am not crippling them for life.

spring is here, and although i should be outside doing yardwork, i despise yardwork. i had a lengthy battle with the lawnmower recently, and cursed our acreage. the pollen is at record levels, and i'm about to just give up on the landscaping... or rather... lack thereof. with all the interior projects we've done over the winter, it's my kingdom for a break, isn't it? isn't it??!

there. i posted. happy?


Angela in Europe said...

You are a BRAVE women homeschooling two kids, but I am sure they will be better for it. I never was a fan of public schools as I seemed to be able to teach myself better than my teacher ever could (I realize that sounds arrogant but I went to school in Arkansas and am fb with one of the teachers who teach at my alma mater who constantly uses the word 'beening').

Glad you are back to blogging. I am too, but it is rough going some days.

Heidi said...

I was just about to take you off my blogroll. I am glad you decided to post again. It's about f***ing time!

Ruth said...

'bout time. :) But then, if people are not blogging, I assume they are LIVING, so I try not to criticize. :)