Thursday, May 07, 2009

char chek

are you looking forward to the new star trek movie? everyone at our house is excited to see it... except s. what does that mean? that means t will take h to see it tonight, and i get to stay home with s. it IS a school night, so i don't mind. i'm sure i'll get to see it another night.

h is watching the first star trek movie so he can do a compare & contrast for homeschool. he used to LOVE the theme song to star trek: voyager when he was a baby, and whenever he would hear it playing on tv he'd drop everything to listen carefully. when it was over, he'd clap and say "WAY, char chek! (yay, star trek)" we thought he was adorable. we still refer to it as "char chek" occasionally. my, how the times have changed.

if you see it, let me know what you think!


Heidi said...

Two posts!
My son wants to see it. I sorta want to see it, so I'll probably take him.

Nabeel said...

I really liked the movie, especially all the space and time physics behind various scenes. It's fun and leaves you wanting for more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,

I went to see it on Saturday and it was really good. It wasn't cheesy and the actors were well cast. Hope you enjoy it when you go!!

Angela in Europe said...

I know I am gonna get slammed by the trekkies, but I want to see it cos the guy is sooooo hot. I mean, I am sure I will like it, but the deciding factor is that he's hot.

hellomelissa said...

stephanie- saw it. loved it. so much fun.

nabeel- i've always loved the "temporal flux" storylines... probably why i also love doctor who.

angela- scarlett was quite starry-eyed when we left the theater. i can understand why.

Angela in Europe said...

It was awesome! And full of beautiful eye-candy.

FEDO said...