Thursday, October 04, 2007

kinz craze!

i can only imagine that a few of you parents out there are shaking your heads sadly at the title of this post. you know, all too well, the fury that is webkinz. it's the phenomenon sweeping the nation, selling out stores, and causing a frenzy in the elementary-school set, much the way that beanie babies did in the last decade.

here's the deal: you buy the small plush animal for an exorbitant price. regular sized webkinz are not much larger than a beanie baby and cost between $12 and $15. their smaller cousins, the little kinz, cost $11- $13. OH! that is unless it's a hard-to-find kinz, then you'll pay out the nose for it on ebay.

next, you find the code on the tag secured to the webkinz' leg. you enter the code at the webkinz website and "adopt" your pet into the webkinz world. then, and only then, can you be a part of the webkinz mystique.

once into the online webkinz world, your adopted and named pet gets his or her own room to decorate. for this you need kinzcash, and there are several different ways to earn kinzcash on the site. the easiest way is to play arcade games or answer trivia questions. other ways include gem hunting or "caring" for your pet by clicking a button that proclaims you care.

you can also dress your pet, make it do specific movements, garden, bathe, and take your pet to the doctor. there are chat rooms decked out to look like pool halls and playgrounds where you can "chat" using a set number of pre-approved phrases. you can find your friends' pets, and invite them to your house, or challenge them to a tournament.

my kids, as well as all the other kids on the bus, are simply gaga over webkinz. it takes my kids almost a month to save up the allowance to buy a new one, and they patiently bide their time until they have the cold, hard cash in hand. then we go on a hunt to find the little critters. the dilemma then is WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? and WHAT TO NAME IT? it's so engrossing and important to these kids. and they must go on the website every day to care for their virtual pets. they've even worked out petsitting deals with kids who will be out-of-town.

it's craziness, the likes of which i remember from the cabbage patch frenzy i experienced as a kid. i keep thinking, "this too shall pass," but i'm afraid it will be around a whole lot longer before it passes. i'll keep you updated!


Mr. L said...

My son acquired the duck a couple of days ago - that's it SO far. He's wearing it on his head in a pic on my blog.

gmcountrymama said...

Oh now I am more depressed. I just found out I can't get satellite Internet here either! E and T were soo looking forward to finally playing with their Webkinz from home. E plays with hers over a friends house now. She will probably cry. That's how superficial I am feeling now!

Booklogged said...

I remember the cabbage patch frenzy. I was lucky, though, I fell in love with those crazy little faces before the rest of the public. I bought three dolls in Oct for Christmas. Then the frenzy started and I just sat and watched, feeling pretty smug. Funny thing - not one of my daughter's ever mentioned wanting a cabbage patch. I thought about hawking them for a big profit, but I liked them so I held onto them. The girls were overjoyed on Christmas morning.

I think the dolls are much cuter than those webkinz. There's no accounting for kids' taste, is there?

Family Adventure said...

I have boys...they don't seem to be quite as into webkinz as the girls. Or maybe it's just my boys. But we had the tamagotchi craze a couple of years ago, and that was pretty similar. And equally mind-numbing, in my opinion.
It does boggle my mind how different our kids' childhood is to ours. All these virtual games they play - I wonder what the advantages and disadvantages are going to be in the long run. Hmmm...but that's another post. :)
- Heidi

Victoria said...

Webkinz bite! Actually, my Boy got into them bigtime...but as passionate as it was, it was short-lived. Yay!

(I will secretly admit that I liked some of the on-line games. Okay, "liked" is an understatement! I was pretty good at the Typing game! LOL!)

Crap, now I miss the 'Kinz and might have to visit them tonight.


P.S. - I'm in your state, just 30 minutes NW! Crazy!

Lotus Reads said...

I have friends whose kids (I think they are between 8 and 8 years old) are absolutely crazy about webkinz, I'm so thankful this craze didn't exist when my kids were in that age group.

Lotus Reads said...

Oops, I meant 8 and 9 years old! :)

J at said...

Oh, I hope my daughter is too old for this! ACK!