Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the tooth fairy strikes again!

yesterday afternoon, s an i were sitting in the dance studio, waiting for h to be done with his class. she was talking, and i could see that her lower tooth was sticking out just a little bit.

"hey, do you have a loose tooth?" i asked her. she wiggled at a couple, asking, "this one?" "this one?" and i said "no, THIS one," and wiggled at the tooth. sure enough, it was just a little loose.

what a novelty to her! her first loose tooth! she got this deep belly chuckle, and she wiggled and giggled. the laughter was contagious, and a few people started laughing too, and encouraging her. the laugh got deeper and deeper as the attention and excitement mounted and then, *POP*! the tooth snapped forward and almost fell out. although it was bleeding a little bit, she just couldn't stop laughing.

we went to get pizza before we went home, and she got a little whiny because that tooth made it hard to eat. she managed well enough with little nibbles. when we got home, she raced out to the studio to show her daddy the loose tooth.

we all sat down to do homework, and as she was working, she was also wiggling, wiggling. i was helping h with a math problem when she started shrieking. "I LOST IT! I LOST IT!" we raced back to the studio to show daddy, and made plans for the tooth fairy. so much excitement we almost forgot about homework!

she called grandma and told her the story. she added that she was a bit "cantankerous" (her word, not mine) that she wouldn't have a tooth to wiggle anymore. heck, i think the cantankerousness will vanish as soon as she sees that green under her pillow. all the more money to buy webkinz!


gmcountrymama said...

Oh how exciting! What a cute story. When E lost her first tooth she screamed and cried "THE BLOOD THE BLOOD". I thought she would pass out.
My kids love Webkinz also.
S is a beautiful girl even missing one tooth.

ML said...

What a cute story! She's looks adorable, not cantankerous, with her missing tooth.

Anonymous said...

I love that story. Such fun. And cantankerous??!! What a vocabulary.

Family Adventure said...

Your girl is so sweet and super brave! My oldest boy is hopeless when it comes to any kind of pain. I swear his pain threshold is FLAT. Everytime he has a loose tooth, he refuses to chew with it, let alone wiggle it. Consequently, it takes EONS for his teeth to finally get loose enough to fall out. They literally have to be pushed out by the adult tooth coming in. I should share this story with him. It might make me less "cantankerous" next time he has a loose tooth :)
- Heidi