Friday, September 29, 2006

how do you tell a happy motorcyclist?

you count the bugs on their teeth! ho ho ho, that's a funny one. but seriously, folks, here's the promised photo of t and i on the bike, on our way to the gym. i not only LOOK like a bobble-headed idiot, i feel like one, too! the biker chick image just doesn't suit me at all. however, when t is going to the gym, and i want to go to the gym, and he really wants to ride his bike, what's the point of going separately in the car (other than being warm)? this way we save gas and all that stuff. i'm getting used to the bugs wetly splattering against my wind-numbed cheeks and the blast of air smacking me when a not-so-aerodynamic semi truck rolls past. really, i am. but if it gets much colder than this (55 F this morning) drastic measures will need to be taken to keep me on the bike.

after the gym, we checked out the chatham mills location where our friend sean will build his dream brewery-- BIG. t is helping design logos, menus, the look of the place, the bottling labels, you name it. the old mill has tons of character, and hopefully that will be well preserved in the restaurant/bar. now if we can all wait for it to open! that's the hard part.

from there onto a mexican food place for lunch and then the pittsboro library book sale... HALF PRICE ON FRIDAY! even cheaper on saturday, but i don't have the time to go tomorrow. when we got there, t came up with the all-too-obvious dilemma... where to put the books? there are no bags on his bike! so we had to be somewhat conservative while perusing the boxloads of true bargains so we could fit all purchases into my backpack. somehow we kept our selections down to 10 books (for only 7 bucks!) and fit them all in. t is going back later to pick up a huge set of shakespeare, in the CAR. i've been to other booksales where there are no real steals, but this one rocks. paperbacks were a quarter, while trades and hardcovers were $1.50. it's like heaven to me.

now we're back in one piece, and should probably actually accomplish something right now. then again, maybe not.


Susan in Italy said...

Ooohh! Whadidjabuy? Whadidjabuy? I really love used book sales. A. you get books and b. you (I?) feel like you've beaten the system by paying so little.

Mr. L said...

You had more books to buy and you took the time to post a blog entry before rushing back there?? I hope that Shakespeare set is still there for you!

Annabooklover said...

I found your blog form Lotus reads and I immediately clicked because
A) You said you are giving away your books, can I have some please, thank you (lol)
and B) I think we look a bit like each other especially with your hair all spikey!

hellomelissa said...

susan-- if you click the link to my bookcrossing page, it's the first several books on the list, including the house of mirth by edith wharton. i'm ALWAYS looking for used books cheap!

mr.l-- yes, t went back and got 37 volumes of shakespeare for $15!

annabooklover-- welcome! any friend of lotus is a friend of mine. next time i'm in greece i'll bring a BIIIIG stack of books for you. deal?

Lotus Reads said...

I was meaning to ask you about the library sale, Melissa so good thing you posted something about it! It sounds like there were bargains a-plenty! What a pity you couldn't carry more the first time around! But hey, 37 volumes of Shakespeare the next day at $15???? I wish I could have been at the sale! Waaaaaahh!

Hurrying off to your bookcrossing account now to see your treasures! :)

And, a big wave to AnnaBookLover!