Tuesday, September 19, 2006

weekend wrap-up, a day late

*blogger was giving me trouble uploading my photos, so only the one made it on. i'll keep trying tomorrow. 9-20-06 update! still no luck.
when both kids went off to school, and i was free 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, i really didn't think i'd know what to do with myself. the exact opposite is coming true, i don't know what NOT to do with myself. it's turned into a case of finishing at least one task a day, and the list is a mile long already! thankfully i've just committed my tuesdays to the kids' school, so i will know just what to do each tuesday. the rest of the days are up for grabs.

saturday was dance day, each kid went to their respective ballet classes, and then took jazz class together. if i can figure out a way to tape & upload h's "goodbye dance" i will, because each week he comes up with some crazy slapstick routine that has all the kids howling. s really only wants to go to the thrift shop while h has his class, but hey, she's a girl after my own heart!!

my burger queen at the carolina theater

after class, t met us and we all got burger king (yay!) and they have AVATAR TOYS. avatar is BIG at our house right now. for the unenlightened, it's a cartoon on nickelodeon. anyhow, we all went up to durham where the carolina theater was showing a special screening of e.t. hosted by dee wallace, the woman who played the mom in that film. it was good to see the movie on the big screen again, although it was the cgi-enhanced 20th anniversary version. that "penis-breath" line always makes the kids cackle, doesn't it? dee wallace did a q & a session afterward, and told of many of her experiences while shooting e.t. very enlightening. did you know that she was not yet a mother when she did that film? she is frighteningly convincing in her portrayal according to me. and i'm an expert in the field of mommy. and GOD is drew barrymore cute in that movie. GEEZ! it kills me!

t stayed in durham for the screening of "cujo" that night, also hosted by ms. wallace while the kids and i went home. the new "lego star wars" video game was the hit of the evening.

sunday morning was lazy over pillsbury grands cinnamon rolls, but we decided to get in gear and head over to the nc state fairgrounds. occasionally there is an antique and collectible toy fair that's all kinds of fun for nostalgia and bargains, then you can mosey over to the ginormous flea market and find even more dirty bargains in the blinding sun. there was a greek festival also, and i was chagrined to see it so packed with humanity. i would have loved authentic greek food for dinner. instead, we went to Perkins Pancake House! where you can get Pancakes All Day Every Day!! but i got a reuben instead.

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Mr. L said...

Avatar, huh? I'd better get over there.
Even though I think the funniest line from it is..."Shoot the bison down!"...