Wednesday, September 27, 2006

sick girly

before heading off to kindergarten on monday, s complained of a sore throat. quick mommy assessment of complaint: no fever, child bouncing off walls, long history of crying wolf. the conclusion? give 'er some motrin & throw her on the bus. after school she seemed a bit touchy in walmart, and didn't want to eat the holy grail of all child dinners-- the mcdonalds cheeseburger happy meal. it wasn't until later in the evening when she complained again that i felt her forehead. sure enough, blazing hot.

the guilt began to set in, and i made an appointment for the following morning at the doctor's office. there, they gagged the poor child with cotton swabs (the fancy name for q-tips) and the strep test turned positive-- i think-- before the swabs even made contact with it.

poor baby! evil mommy! i sent her to school with strep!

meanwhile, she's asking to go to the thrift shop and to get chinese food for lunch, so i know she can't be feeling all bad. a toy, a book, some egg-drop soup and a 10 day supply of amoxicillin later, we went back home.

this morning she can't go to school, and that's the most depressing part for her. as a mommy, i'm reveling in feeding her goldfish noodle soup for breakfast, watching "go diego, go" with her snuggled up on the sofa, and bringing her popsicles. i've discovered that taking care of a sick daughter (or son) is probably what i'm best at, and enjoy the most in life. that is, as long as they aren't barfing all over the place.


maryfran said...

You should be good at taking care of sick kids - you learned from a master. Just kidding!! Hope S. is feeling much better and the fever is gone. Give her our love.

Mr. L said...

I think she means PHYSICALLY sick, not...LOL!!

Now you're making ME feel guilty - Master L has been coughing at night, but he seems OK when he is upright so I sent him to school. Will I get "the call"?? Hope not - I have to be somewhere before he gets out of school!

J said...

Poor kid. I'm sorry she's sick. Kids with a history of crying wolf, though, tend to get sent to school sick. Maybe she'll learn that someday. Hope the whole class doesn't come down with it!

Taking care of sick kids is oddly satisfying. They want to cuddle and be comforted, and it forces you to slow down and spend some time with them. :) Nice.

Lotus Reads said...

Poor little thing, but the amoxicillin will kick in soon and hopefully she'll be right as rain in no time. I know what you mean about looking after a sick child - providing 'TLC' is what we parents do best and nothing brings it out more than when a child is sick - I like how J put it, it's oddly satisfying!

Beth said...

I agree, I almost look forward to my little one being sick. Super Mom to the rescue. Now when the hubby is sick, different story......