Tuesday, January 16, 2007


we found snow.

we got to indiana on saturday, no snow. drove to michigan sunday, a wee bit of snow. woke up on monday morning to a winter wonderland that shows no signs of stopping. i have't been this excited to see snow since i was a kid. the children are thrilled, and were out the door before 8 am yesterday... making snow angels, building snowmen, sledding down the driveway, and tromping along the beach.

they were out for more than 2 hours, then came in to a steaming cup of hot cocoa with two big marshmallows each.

i'll get them (and maybe myself, too) bundled up for another day of fun in the 18 degree weather in a little bit here. hope the weather is fun wherever you are, too!



beenzzz said...

YAY for snow! Actually, I shouldn't be saying that. It's been nothing but snow and 6 degree mornings in Utah for the past week. Blech!

beth said...

Looks pretty, but COLD! I do and don't miss it! The double pants, double socks, long underware, sweater, coat, hat, scarf, gloves--oh no, now I've got to pee....nope, don't miss it. We've been in t-shirts all week, but looks like that's coming to an end today as the cold front moves east.

Lotus Reads said...

Yeaaaay, we got some of that white stuff too! This is the first day this season that I'm sporting a sweater with a turtle neck!

Have fun!!!

Mr. L said...

Yesterday we had an ice storm and right now it's snowing. If I could, I would GLADLY send it all to you (so you could 'enjoy' it).

hellomelissa said...

well y'all... i've never much liked snow, but to see the kids' faces when they discovered that their "snow dance" had worked... almost made me like the stuff. for a minute. ALMOST.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Tell them to enjoy it for all of us.


J said...

I like that kind of snow...vacation snow. ;) Not the kind you get sick of, like poor beenzzz. Just the kind you go to, play for a couple of days, and then go home.

Susan in Italy said...

O how lovely!

hellomelissa said...

jen-- i hear you got some of your OWN to enjoy!

j-- we're on the same page.

susan-- it is perfectly beautiful. fat flakes drifting into hills of sparkly white.