Friday, January 26, 2007

letter meme

the llllovely lllllotus assigned me this meme...

it's 10 things i love that start with the llllletter "T"

i had a cute little image to upload, but blogger photo upload was being sassy with me, so bland is the post. sorr-y! i'll make it short and sweet.

here goes...

1. tommy. well, duh. he is the love of my life and all.

2. talking. i can talk a blue streak to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime. after all, i am female.

3. travel. just got bitten by that bug a few years ago, and the itch keeps getting worse.

4. tannins. that's a sneaky way of saying wine. i love wine.

5. teaching. teaching the kids at school and home is so rewarding. and i love their teachers as well.

6. trees. one of the main reasons we live in the middle of nowhere is that from every window all i see is trees. perhaps that's why my favorite color has always been green.

7. toilet paper. i mean, what's not to love? all you have to do is imagine life without it, and suddenly you'll get stars in your eyes whenever you wipe.

8. tunes. my ipod is my best friend 'cause i can listen to all my favorite songs all the time. love music. love to sing.

9. thai food. curry! mmmmmm... 'nuff said.

10. turkey on thanksgiving. that's 2 t's for the price of one.

anybody that hasn't yet played, ask me and i'll assign you a letter.


Angela in Europe said...

Amen sister to the toilet paper!

Lotus Reads said...

ttttthank you for playing, Melissa! ;)

I'm with you on travel, thai food, tunes, turkey (especially leftovers, yum) and trees! You would make Excellent teacher and ofcourse, Tommy heads your list, just like I knew he would! ;)

I was trying to come up with some favorite T's myself - tango, tabla, tea and Tom Cruise (ok,ok, just kidding!!!!!)

beenzzz said...

Great list of stuff. Thai food is very yummy and toilet paper is definitely a necessity! :))

Da Mommy said...

Okay I'm with you on the top 9 all the way up to Tommy, LOL, he's all yours baby!! Thanks for coming by my blog, makes me feel like there is SOMEONE out there listening! I do appreciate it.
Toilet paper...priceless, I never thought of it that way but now it really is near the top of my list :-)

J said...

Excellent list! TP is very important, and trees, yes, they are truly beautiful.