Wednesday, January 03, 2007

mistaken identity

my lovely, wonderful parents, the very people who gave me life and raised me to be the adult i became, have a very serious problem. a very, very serious problem. THEY DON'T LIKE MY BLOGGER ID PHOTO. they don't like it at all. every time i see them, they ask, "when will you change that terrible, mean photo of yourself on your blog? you're so much PRETTIER than that!"

now, keep in mind that they ARE my parents, and to them, i'm probably the prettiest girl alive because, duh! they're biased! just like the rest of us are when it comes to our own children. but let's face facts. i am who i am, and i think the mean ol' photo of me expresses a level of my personality that a pleasant ol' photo maybe never could. but i'll put it to the test!

here are two photos... the first being a pleasant alternative, and the second being my original fauxhawked evil twin. for now, there will be no more alternatives because i don't feel like expending the energy it would take to dress up in a zillion stupid ways and post crazy pictures of myself in strange getups and odd situations, even though that may cause much hilarity.

the deal is, YOU GET TO VOTE. in the comments section, write which one YOU think i should have as a blog id photo, and whichever one wins, i will have. that way, i've given my readers an alternative, and my poor parents a chance, and may the best (or worst) photo win.

ps. mom & dad, if you leave a bunch of anonymous comments voting for the "nice" photo, i'll know it's you. no cheating.

option A: pleasant melissa
option B: EVIL TWIN!


Sruthi said...

ahhh i've been outta the blog world recently and i come back to THIS?! how sweet hahaha. i vote for pseudo-mohawk-but-not-really-hair melissa!:)

maryfran said...

From your loving parents who think you are beautiful of spirit as well as just beautiful, vote for the pretty picture. Just try it for a while - maybe ten years or so - you'll be happy you did.

maryfran said...

Just one more comment. I would love to open your blog each time and see your wonderful smiling eyes. This is YOU. Not that evil twin stuff. I am now officially voting twice. And you may add two votes from your dad. He wants the picture of the daughter he loves AND - - - we do read each posting of your blog. Our votes count.

Mr. L said...

Sorry, Mom and Dad....I like the evil Melissa photo. I think it conveys the attitude of the blog a bit better. In fact, I'm a bit taken aback by the "nice" version - I never would have expected it!

Kate said...

You know I love about both? But then again I do LOVE the new picture =)

hellomelissa said...

sruthi-- straight back into the fray!

mom & dad-- but i know you'll love me no matter what.

mr l-- so what you're saying is the NICE version is actually SCARIER than the mean version?

kate-- get off the fence and pick, dammit. ;) mom & dad won't beat you up if you choose the mean one.

maryfran said...

Well, I guess I'll just have to vote for Kate and Evan, Andy and Marlo, Drew and Olivia. Let's see, that is six votes for the new picture. Ha!!!

Lotus Reads said...

LOL! Melissa, with apologies to your wonderful parents,I do prefer the evil twin photo! I mean, I love both your pictures, heck, I love all your pictures, but the evil twin one is so much more fun! :) And if you're running low on votes for the "evil" pic (which I doubt will happen), I can get Nina and Sonya to vote, too! :)))

Autumn's Mom said...

First time here. It's nice to see how you really look, but I vote for Evil Twin!!

beenzzz said...

I like both photos, but I think the original one suits your spunky style of writing! :))

Ally Bean said...

Maybe you could alternate the photos every month? Satisfiy both sides.

I rather like the evil twin, myself. Unique and funny.

J said...

You're very pretty in the pleasant photo, but I LOVE the evil twin photo. I vote for no change. Maybe you can send your parents a nice framed copy of the pleasant one, and they can put it right next to their computer monitor?

Anonymous said..., this is a really odd way to reconnect with you after all of these years....but, I too vote for the spunky photo of the evil twin! Not real into evil...maybe it can be viewed more as showing your bold personality a little better than the sugar, sweet smile??

So, let me just say that this is my first, well...2nd blog post in my lifetime. I tend not to spend much free time attached to computers since I am attached to them all day long (I have 2 sitting at my desk right now). I have no idea why I did a search on my name, but periodically I do that out of curiosity. And this time I found a story about myself on your blog!! Crazy!!

Now that you are really wondering who this is your old friend from long ago- Angelique Michelle Litten, aka Angel. Unreal, the internet!

I have been living in California for 9 years now. I am at work in Glendale, CA right now. Since I am at work, I cannot spend a ton of time on here writing you at this very moment, but hope to log on here and write more! You can also e-mail me at

Leaving with the crew right now to pick up some tacos from a skethy place.....but, the tacos taste oh so good!!

Hi Mom, Dad, Andy, Evan, and all!! Miss you all!



hellomelissa said...

mom-- as i said before... no cheating...

lotus-- looks like meany me is gonna win WITHOUT n and s, but thanks for offering! :)

autumn's mom-- welcome and thanks for voting! i'm really a pleasant person, but i FEEL more like the evil photo.

beenzzz- i agree- i think it fits the tone of the blog, and makes me look like less of a minivan mom.

ally bean-- i tried to combine them in photoshop, but the result was way creepy. alternating is out of the question-- A WINNER MUST BE CHOSEN!

j-- i like that idea. maybe a little velcroed frame they could stick in the upper l.h. corner of their monitor.

and finally, everyone, the last comment is from ANGEL, my long lost friend from childhood about whom i blogged last spring...


Lotus Reads said...

Wow, Melissa, I remember the post about your friend Angelique - how very wonderful that you two found each other after all these years! Good ol' blogger! :)

@Angel: Very nice to "meet" you!

JenW said...

Well I finally got on to vote. Unfortunately for your parents I to have to go with the evil twin pic. I do like the pleasant Melissa pic as well but the evil twin wins in my opinion.

booklogged said...

Wow, Melissa, you are absolutely gorgeous! I can understand your parents point of view of wanting to see those sparkling eyes and beautiful smile as they read your witty posts.

On the other hand, I don't know that I would have picked up on the humor in your posts thinking it was from such a prim and proper young lady. (That's not to say any of the funnies were unprim or improper, just not expected from the angel twin.) My apologies to your parents, but the whimisical twin wins with me, too. It does fit your blog better.

How about a compromise - one at the top and the other further down?

hellomelissa said...

jen-- thanks for pushing the evil vote one step further!

booklogged-- thank you for the nice compliment but... oh, no! prim and proper?! i'm still me regardless of how i look, i guess. and thank you, i did take your suggestion, check the bottom of the page. it's MONSTROUS! :)