Monday, April 23, 2007


i'm feeling a bit crabby this morning (imagine that) but i have no coffee coursing through my veins as of yet, so i should just wait and see if that is the cure. been taking flonase for my Seasonal Nasal Allergies and it's really helping the sinus pressure, drainage, and general misery. maybe i just need to get some more exercise (t and i are taking the bike to the gym today and endorphins always perk anyone up. jane wants a walk this morning too but mama hates cold so mama's waiting until it's warmer outside. seeing as how it's supposed to be 84 degrees today, we won't have to wait long.

i got my hair done last week and it looks really cool. she cut it higher in the back, then chin-length in the front. luckily she had a cancellation and was able to do some fun colors in it as well, highlights and lowlights and it's kinda blonde for the first time in a long time. andrea (pronounced ON-dreea), my genius hairdresser of oh, seven years or so, agreed to sell some of my bags at her salon. since i enjoy making the bags for the time being (i'm sure i'll get sick of it soon enough) it may keep our family in "free" haircuts for awhile. the barter system... it works!

a fan of t's artwork in japan sent us a big, wonderful package chock-full of harry potter products featuring t's art from the first movie. coooool! exclusive stuff that it not available here. waaaaay cool! she also sent japanese hair accessories for s and me. she's restored even more of my faith in the kindness of humanity throughout the globe. i asked what i could send in return for her kindness, and she chose an american nasal allergy spray since they are supposedly not as strong in japan. wish i could pack her up some flonase since the stuff works so well, but i don't think i can transfer a presciption, especially across the pacific.

speaking of t, he (YAY!) started a blog. and because he's so ultra cool and stuff, he's already getting more comments than i am! what a bum. but he has an official fan club and all, so they're checking it out. he has raised over $1700 (i think) for his ride for kids. isn't that phenomenal?

the coffee pot beeped a few minutes ago, so must drink. happy week, everybody!


Ally Bean said...

Happy week to you, too. Flonase is good stuff. I had a script for awhile and really liked it.

Enjoy your coffee.

gmcountrymama said...

You are brave to blog before coffee. I can't even speak to anyone until I am at least half way through my first cup. I hear people talking to me, but its like they are speaking in a foriegn language until coffee.
Hair cut sounds great. I also barter with my hairdresser. Actually I barter my husbands services. NO, electrician services!
I am planning on visiting your hus's site and donating. That is great he has raised that much money.

Secret Pal said...

Congrats on the wonderful gifts you received. Also on the fund raising. That is just incredible.

Lotus Reads said...

Melissa, you're going to have take pictures of your new,cool hair!

Wow@ the gifts from Japan....they have such cool stuff there!

And do welcome T to the blogosphere on my behalf!

Autumn's Mom said...

That was pretty good, not being caffeinated and all. I'm glad the weather is warming up, it is here as well. We should be into the 80's by the end of the week.

Please do post pics of your new DO!

Beenzzz said...

post some pics of the new do! That's awesome that t. was able to raise so much money! Good for him and his new blog too! Hurry, drink some coffee. I'm a bear without my cup in the morning, then again, I'm a bear. :)

ML said...

Isn't it nice when the hairdo turns out sharp? We do need a photo, though...yes, us, your fans ;)

Oh and allergies suck a$$! I'm sorry you're suffering.

J at said...

I need a pic of your hairdo, pronto, because I'm contemplating chopping my locks, and I have an appointment on Thursday afternoon. Please give me ideas?


booklogged said...

Yes - pictures, pictures!

I have to find a new hairdresser. I always hate that.

Congrats to t. He is really famous it sounds like. I'll have to check out his blog.

We're still chilly in my part of Utah. Getting so tired of it.

Da Mommy said...

Congrats on the cool overseas gifts :-) My DH cannot live this time of year without Nasonex...good call on the crossing the Pacific idea or you could write this from jail maybe? Wow, on a Monday morning without coffee none the less. You continue to surprise me!!