Saturday, September 03, 2005

saturday again

thursday ended up being a therapeutic day of quiet accomplishment. s and i took it easy all day, mostly played polly pockets. those things must have been created by a fashion frustrated mother. it's so much fun to mix and match polly styles, then give her a bag and shoes to match. she can go cruising to the salon in her cool hot-tub car, and chat on her cell phone. the only drawback is that the pieces are sometimes about 1/8 by 1/16 of an inch. when there is loss and heartbreak, not much can be done about it. the other ultra-cool website for moms and kids is the paper doll maker. we've both had hours of fun creating, printing, and playing paper dolls.

the fun on thursday came when h got off the bus crabby, tired, and getting sick with a cold. ALREADY! seems it's going around like wildfire. so while t was still working in the studio on the new ea project, i put the crying and whining boy-child in bed at 7 pm. then proceeded to put s and myself in bed not long after. i let h sleep in before school yesterday am, which he probably needed. now, maybe he can recuperate from this itty bitty cold over the labor day weekend.

all this put me behind yesterday, which is always frustrating but a little nice. no race to the bus, race to pre-k, race to the gym and home to help t. helps me relax to just let cosmic forces sweep me along, nothing much i can do about it. so not much was accomplished before h got off the bus with his lovely girlfriend morgyn. man, those kids are 2 peas in a pod. it slays me. no wonder they're in love! but, according to h's diary, they will not kiss until college. so i have no worries. ah, young love! isn't it grand.

t went out with noah last night, i'm still not quite sure what they did (other than go to best buy for christy's birthday present) because t's still not out of bed. piglets and i walked jane around the block, thus de-energizing the lot of them. i let them watch tv kind-of late 'cause they were being so darn good.

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