Thursday, September 22, 2005

on the madness of my son

so here is an exceprt from h's 6 "ishu" godzilla comic mini-series. this particular subplot involves godzilla's experimentation with wine. when i first saw this, i was on the FLOOR laughing. now, we know that he couldn't possibly be making a subconscious reference to his mother's 1 glass a night habit, don't we?

now, he wants to write a book about alexander the great and his horse, bucephalus. we'll see what insights into alexander's life a 6 year old will bring us. i don't think we'll be having him watch the recent colin farrell biopic for inspiration, either.

the kid is so excited about this weekend's retrofantasma festival of horror films at the carolina theater in durham. they're showing 'the monster squad' and he couldn't stop talking about that movie for DAYS after noah loaned it to us. i can't remember the other film they're showing, but any out-past-midnight evening for a 6 year old is very very exciting.

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