Thursday, September 01, 2005

busy, busy days

these first days after school starts are a little shock to the system the rigid structure and sheer quantity of things that need to be done just throws me after the carefree summer days! we'll get into the swing of it after awhile. but just for today (after freaking out getting all of h's preparations for school accomplished) s and i are going to have a home-girl day. chilling out doing girl-stuff at home. and maybe i can squeeze in some of that neglected housework, too. working in the studio for t when scarlett's at school takes away the time when i could do uninterrupted housework (in half the usual time, and without the interruptions and disruptive aftermath). i enjoy *actually* working so much, though. and it's such nice time with my husband. we can actually have a whole conversation!

jane is having tons of accidents, i really need to buckle down on the potty training. hah! i'll do it in my *free* time. she's so so so sweet, though, and is so happy to see each one of us every day. she even ate some of my seaweed salad yesterday, and i was so impressed. a little sushi girl, after my own heart.

so i ended up at the doctor's office on tuesday with parasthesias, the technical term for tingling in the hands and feet. we're trying to get to the bottom of it (i'm sure the diagnosis will be that i'm insane) but it sure is annoying.

time to go snuggle with my girls and watch tom & jerry with a steaming cup of fresh coffee.

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