Sunday, September 18, 2005

on the warped mind of my daughter...

i just wrote an entire post then lost it due to internet malfunction. this time i'll hit 'save' a few times before i post.

last night i was wondering where my daughter could possibly be, for she had been quiet far too long. if you are a parent, you know that this can be a very dangerous (or at least messy) situation. i found her at the kitchen counter, her new favorite place to play with the dangers of puppy teeth elsewhere. she had her 'littlest pet shop' toys all set up around her. now, if you've never seen these things, they are tiny bobble-head creatures and they are hideously ugly. the designers must have been attempting the 'they're so ugly they're cute' look, something like a cabbage patch kid. in my estimation, they failed miserably, because these things are just downright ugly. anyhow, my daughter must have been channeling christo, for she had mummified all of her pets in scotch tape. i was so baffled, i took a picture. what would a psychoanalyst say? probably that she's either a freak of that she's going to be a sort of process or performance artist. personally, after listening to her sing ALL the way through target yesterday, i think she'll be an opera singer. i was cracking up the whole time, but other customers didn't find her projecting her vibrato to be amusing. don't we always think our kids are funnier than other people do? anyhow, when we got home i played her 'opera singer' by cake-- one of my favorites-- but she was unimpressed. if it's not the soundtrack from 'annie' right now, just forget it.

tomorrow i'll ramble on the warped mind of my son.

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