Tuesday, September 06, 2005

hard labor

yes, i know labor day was YESTERDAY, but some of us are just getting to their blogs TODAY. okay, i haven't written since maybe FRIDAY, but i'll try to catch up a little. so much is lost along the way, but i simply can't get on every day.

saturday was another no-dance day thank goodness. we're back to the studio next week, and while the kids are excited, i'm not looking forward to over 3 hours of waiting. we celebrated the last day of saturday freedom with a water party, even though h is still feeling crappy. i filled the baby pool, the slip-n-slide, and some water balloons. i turned on the bubble machine and the kidz bop (ugh) and we licked bomb-pops and enjoyed the lazy day. that is, after the trip to walmart (ugh again).

sunday was catch-up-on-housekeeping day since i no longer have barb to take care of me. i did run into her and her daughters at walmart, though. they're splitting their time between richmond and here for a year. i can't imagine how tough that will be, but i know their roots are here, and it's hard to just up and leave.

labor day was just relaxing. we had an invite to go eat ice cream with the sanfilippo/vanfleet clan, but i didn't think h's runny nose would go over well with anyone. we stayed home again, which causes my brain to go ch-ching! when i think of how much gas $ we're saving. gas was $3.19 at the pump on sat, and there was a $50 limit. this is now a post-katrina world. what a mess, naturally, emotionally, politically. i wish we could do more than just give $ to the red cross.

today i sent h to school so he would not be counted absent even though i need to pick him up for a dental appt at 10:30. i won't take him back... it's too much more fun to play hooky. i though maybe the unusually hellish chuck-e-cheese's might be just the post-dentist ticket. he's already sick (c-e-c's is notorious for germs) and there won't be many school-agers there. i have to steel myself for the possibility. true grit, i'm tellin' ya.

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