Sunday, October 09, 2005


as soon as my browser stops giving me massive amounts of annoying trouble with blogger, i'll post on this topic. promise.

YAY! i am back in business for a few minutes.

today was the last day of the grassroots festival and since it wasn't raining and our friends were playing, we decided to take the kids and frolic in the mud.

the never played at noon, so we skidded our way through the muddy parking lot in the trusty minivan to get there in time. usually my policy for sunday is that i go nowhere, see noone and do nothing. it's therapeutic. but this is a very special occasion, as the never are our wonderful friends. they did a short set today, since ari is away at college in boston. noah, joah and johnny are still regrouping as a three-man band, and doing quite well in such a short time. our kids are the littlest groupies, and even had on their tie-dyes to fit in with the hippies dancing about the stage.

in between shows we went to the food court. the kids shared a bbq chicken skewer, while i had chicken curry and veggie korma. tommy had an amazing falafel sandwich. i swear, that festival is worth it just for the food. to top it all off, we had homemade ice cream on still warm waffle cones. mmmmm!

we wandered over to the stage where woodwork roadshow was playing. noah(from the never)'s brother jones is a chip off the old block, and plays the double bass for this incredibly talented bluegrass band based out of wilmington, nc. i say he's a chip off the old block because their dad, snuffy, has played for many years with a band called the bluegrass experience. they played on saturday, but we unfortunately had to miss them. the kids played and danced, but s was having a "hurt" day, where no matter what she did, she kept getting hurt.

after frozen pizza and a big huge bubble bath, the kids are still going strong, so i'd better try to calm them enough for bed.

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