Tuesday, October 11, 2005

raw sewage

yep, RAW SEWAGE. what a post title.

about a week ago when my parents were still here, we noticed that the septic tank was overflowing into the yard. that's NOT good. the pump was running, so dad the useful thought quickly and shut it off at the breaker. a DAY later, at 8 pm, the guy showed up to "fix" it in the dark. turns out there was a rock in the impeller so it couldn't pump the s*!t out into the drainage field. the septic guy and dad tried to remedy the situation in the pitch black, but it wasn't easy. they settled with dropping a used pump down in so that we could at least use the toilet and shower. since then, we haven't heard back. i was just wondering what to do about the whole situation when the county septic inspector showed up. she told me all i never wanted to know about s*!t and it's disposal, all in the wonderful aroma of the stuff itself. she promised to call the septic guy and pressure him for answers.

what a life.

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