Sunday, October 02, 2005

aaaah, parents

there is absolutely no wiggle room when my parents come to visit. they get down to business fast, and keep their noses (and my nose) to the grindstone for the whole time that they are here. the result? improvements galore, making my life so much more streamlined. curtains sewn, rods hung, mowers fixed, garages cleaned, all the debris taken to the dump or the thrift shop. it's simply amazing what can be accomplished with two extra helping hands.

especially since i have my twice-yearly allergy headache. i've decided to fight this time-- with drugs-- but so far it looks to be futile. i'm still just as dizzy, nauseated and blinded by the pressure, no matter how many clarinex, nasonex, allegra or whatever i take. i'm just not a big fan of drugs, and this dilemma is supporting my theory.

t is in boston, hanging out with the blvd guys at the comic convention. on friday, the feature article about t was printed on the front page of the "life" section of the n & o. it was exciting, and fun. i want to share it with the world, but i'd be afraid to look like i'm bragging. i can't help it! my big boy is so talented. at least dr. k saw it and commented on her "famous" patient when i saw her friday for my parasthesias recheck. oh, and on that topic, i'm going for an mri in a few weeks to rule out brain/ nerve causes. i'm sure it'll come back totally fine, leaving us to scratch our heads as to why my hands and feet continue to tingle.

maybe i'll try going back to sleep now. after all, it is sunday, the only day i can "sleep in." whatever that phrase means when you have 2 kids and a dog! at least the sun is not shining directly into my eyes thanks to the lovely curtains made possible by my lovely parents.

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