Thursday, October 27, 2005

slow DOWN!

man, i almost got in a wreck leaving scarlett's school the other day. i was turning left out of the school (it's on a curve) and a huge oversized load truck came barreling around the curve, probably going over eighty. he bore down FAST on my bumper, and i was afraid he was going to hit me. i sped up, even though i was in a school zone, then turned off the road in to the front lot of the school, just to get out of his way and calm my jangled nerves. man, why is everyone in such a hurry?

i went out to dinner last night with four lovely ladies, and had to heed my own advice. slow down. listen to the stories of others. ask questions, understand. it's so easy in conversation to jump on the last few words of another's sentence. slow down, girl!

it just seems like we've been going and going and going. with the remodeling, the housework, the puppy, and the deadlines at home. with the pta meetings, the homework, the parties, the fundraisers, and the volunteering at school. with the birthdays, the appointments, the gym, the shopping and the playdates out and about. we need to slow the heck down! i sat and held my big baby girl this morning and watched a tv show with her, and just felt her warmth and kissed her head. i almost cried with the relief (after getting up hours earlier, running around to get h ready for school, cleaning up, etc.). i noticed for the first time that my daughter's hands look just like her dad's. when did i miss that?

i just need to slow down. i'm starting today. i'm doing crafts with my daughter. i'm going to h's halloween party at school. i'm cancelling half the crap i'm supposed to do in the next few weeks. i'm spending so much time living life and doing all the things i'm supposed to do that i've forgotten to enjoy it. just for today i'll try not to overachieve.

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