Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Way Things Are Here In The South

first of all, am i the only one that has a running blog commentary in my brain? of course, i'm not sitting and actually typing, but the way i would blog my life or certain topics is constantly running through my head. i need to post more often and get the drivel OUT.

yesterday for lunch, t and i went to allen and son pit cooked bar-be-que, one of our favorite takeout places since the dawn of our move here almost ten years ago. however, we had never 'eaten in' at the 'dining room.' now, most folks in this country wouldn't even consider setiing foot in the joint. maybe folks in other countries wouldn't either, i don't know. but i digress. we walk into this dingy, low-ceilinged room with a sticky screen door that slapped shut after we walked in, and sat down under fluorescent lights at a red-and-white checkered plastic tableclothed (is that a word?? tableclothed??) table. i am instantly transfixed by the psychedelic effect of the lights and the checkers together, and momentarily am able to drown out the curious stares of the locals and daily customers. we ordered our usual-- barbecue plates (oh, pardon, bar-be-que plates) and sat back sipping our tea to wait. now this 'cue isn't the regular smoky red flavored 'cue. it's the eastern north carolina kind, which is pulled pork with a vinegar and red pepper flavor. it's close to heaven for a displaced mid-westerner by way of los angeles.

the people who came in after us get served, and we are still twiddling our thumbs, especially since we need to pick up s at preschool soon. turns out it was OUR food that was delivered to the nice folks at the next table, as they come over bearing the cafeteria-style compartmented food plates that belong to us. "d'dj'all order these here plates?" they asked (that's southern for did you all order these plates). why yes, we replied, and they set the food down in front of us. now, in most parts of the country (and possibly the world), this might be a faux pas. no one in their right mind would actually consider EATING the food that was delivered to another's table first. well, here in the south, particularly at allen and son pit cooked bar-be-que, we did. we not only considered it, we did it.

and that's the way things are here in the south.

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