Thursday, November 02, 2006

feelin' halloweeny

t and i were running errands today, one of which was picking up my suave new motorcycle helmet, which i will need to expound upon at a later date. i'll give you a hint what i feel like in it... "luke... i AM your father!" anyhow, as i said, we were out, and had lunch at a phenomenal philly cheesesteak place that we used to frequent but haven't been to in ages. at first i thought my ears were deceiving me when we entered the restaurant but NO! i really truly heard the strains of george michael coming from the stereo system crooning, "last christmas, i gave you my heart... but the very next dayyyy, you took it awayyyyy..."

heck, i don't know about the rest of y'all, but i feel like the only person left on the planet that really doesn't want to think about christmas until december. or AT LEAST give me 'til thanksgiving. i mean, i love christmas and carols and santa as much as the next girl, but WHOA man! back up! it was halloween two days ago! it's fall, the leaves are gorgeous, thanksgiving's coming and i DON'T WANT TO SEE SNOWFLAKES painted on store windows yet! am i nuts?

here's to halloween, whose photos i am just now posting and i must say a prayer to the gods of blogger that they ALL LOADED at the SAME TIME on the FIRST TRY. yeeeee-HAW! now to see if they all post properly... hmmmm... immediately below is s carving our pumpkin. we used a whole lot of brain power, but it didn't turn into a coach to carry us in style from house to house while we trick-or-treated. eh, it was worth a try.
the finished product, well designed by h, is shown below. we toasted the seeds with olive oil and salt and they were soooo delicious! and surely they will keep us regular for at least a day. mmmm! fiber!!!here are the finished costumes: s the bat and h the pirate. we had so much fun getting dressed up and painting faces. the pirate jacket i made ended up really nice, and i actually didn't want to tear my hair out at the amount of sewing. but i'm still picking fuzzy red boogers. ha! just kidding.below is my melacholy looking pirate. it's hard to tell, but he had on a black wig, a bandana, the big red hat, a dark red velvet jacket, a glow in the dark skeleton shirt, an orange sash, a pistol, and black pants tucked into cowboy boots.

s's makeup worked out really well, i modified a vampire design that we found in a book of face painting. she's carrying her little plush bat from the zoo.

after we were all prepared, we headed over to our friends' jen and ray's. ray was dressed as darth vader (he needed to borrow h's mask!) and t went as qui-gon jinn. what geeks! i haven't loaded the photos yet, but i'll try to get one soon... very funny. their 3 daughters, our kids, and the dads all loaded into a truck to trick-or-treat... the houses in this neighborhood are too far apart for walking. in other words... lots of walking for not lots of candy. jen and i stayed home with their almost 2 year old who was ill with pneumonia, and we decided to pick up and clean up while we drank red wine, yum! earlier in the day they had to put their 14 year old dog to sleep, and jen was pretty upset at the loss of her first baby (if you're reading this jen, i'm still sad about rover!).

the kids were on fire, and completed a massive amount of trick-or-treating by nine o'clock-- a full hour and a half past their usual bedtime. y'all know that the vomiting incident followed, but other than THAT, the night was a resounding success. it's nice to have the kids getting a little older, a little more responsible, and a little more FREAKED OUT at how fun halloween really is. it's about time! and they've already decided their costumes for next year... darth vader and vampira. say cheeeeeese!


beenzzz said...

Those are great pictures! Your kids look so cute!

Susan in Italy said...

Hiya! It's so amazing to me that there are kids out there with such creative parents. Your daughter's face makeup is so good I would never in a million years guess that it's her.
Who is qui-gong jin?
Oh, and THANKS, by the way for sticking me with that George Michael Christmas song! Now I'm gonna be humming that for the rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, you're not the only one - I don't want to have to think about Christmas either. What with just having celebrated Diwali and then Halloween - we need a break!!!

Absolutely LOVE the costumes!!!!! You really are a wiz at this, Melissa! This year I was determined to reward kids who had taken trouble over their costumes - they all got extra candy from me! ;)

HOw is S. feeling today?

J said...

I am with you...I totally LOVE Christmas, but by the time it actually gets here, I'm kinda sick of it. I want to enjoy some thankful thoughts first, you know? Turkey and 4 day weekends and so on, before we get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Christmas is a favorite, and at the same time, I hate how much stress it puts on people. HATE that.

And mmm...cheesesteak.

booklogged said...

Melissa, those costumes are awesome! You are definitely talented. My poor children always looked forward to Halloween but then hated the costumes I bought them. I used to sew, but I just couldn't face making costumes. Your kids are darn lucky. And they are as cute as bug's ears, too.

Like you and the others, I too wish we didn't have to have Christmas announced until after Thanksgiving. That's terrible that they are playing Christmas music already. No wonder we don't know how to savor the moment anymore, instead we're juggling a hundred things at once. Okay, so maybe I exagerate and dramatize, but still!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the make-up!

christie said...

yesterday i saw a curled velvet (or like it) jacket at target. and i thought wow henry's costume was so cool and awesome and this black jacket here at target looks like crap.