Friday, November 03, 2006

what is a qui-gon jinn?

susan in italy asked a very pertinent question of my halloween post... just who IS qui-gon jinn? many of you may already know the answer, but for those of you without young boys (or middle aged men who remember BEING young boys) in your home, here's the answer.

when george lucas decided to wreck the entire classic 'star wars' legacy by making a trilogy of prequels, he wrote a weak and terrible screenplay called "the phantom menace" which had little or no interesting characters or plot. the world clamored for this film to be made, not knowing what a piece of crap they might be in for, and a worldwide frenzy surrounded the opening weekend. the resulting film lacked good acting, directing, emotion or believable scenery. it did, however have excellent makeup, costume design, and ship design. but i digress.

one of the only redeeming factors of this film was liam neeson in the character of qui-gon jinn, who was the jedi master and trainer to obi-wan kenobi. unfortunately, most of his fine performance was hideously upstaged by the horrific cgi (computer generated) character of jar jar binks, shown below.

now, my husband had been a star wars fan from waaaay back when he was a little boy, and he passed that love of star wars down to our children (someday i'll post a photo of h's room) and when he found out that his woman could sew, he commisssioned a fine looking jedi suit. he's had it for some time now, but every now and again he cracks it out of the costume corner (no, really. there's a costume corner is his studio) and wears it for a convention, masquerade, reference, or halloween. below is t's rendition of qui-gon's world-famous lightsaber swallowing act.

there you have it, susan! is that more than you ever wanted to know??? :)

disclaimer: i love george lucas (i even affectionately refer to him as 'uncle george'), his entire creative world, and especially all the work that he has given to t. the fact that he is the biggest single collector of t's original artwork doesn't hurt either. but i'm entitled to my opinion of this movie, right?? right??!


sruthi said...

g is very much into star wars and he got me to watch all 6 at once last summer, and then i was able to appreciate it. Before that, I'd just get frustrated bc i had no idea what was happening. Sweeeeeeet costumes btw!

beenzzz said...

Great costume! He looks very authentic! :) I have to admit that I only saw two of the star wars movies. I know, I know, I need to get with the times.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Although, I grew up loving Star Wars as well, I couldn't bring myself to watch all three of the prequels. I only made it through the 1st one and half the second one. It broke my heart.

I love the fact your husband has a costume corner!

J said...

I've seen all of the Star Wars movies, and you're review of PM is spot on. Sucky sucky film.

I did get to see the second one on opening night for the bargain price of $1. Yay! That was $1 too much, really, but the popcorn was good.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me Melissa and other Star Wars fans, but I have never seen any of the movies or read the books, but, BUT, I do LOVE T.'s costume and, like Angela, I really love the fact he has a costume corner - too cool!

Nice post, thanks!

Susan in Italy said...

Hey Melissa, Thanks for the info. I have only seen the original 3 Star Wars movies so I was spared the agony of the Phantom Menace (barely, though as I believe Ewan McGregor played in it soon after his sexy, sexy portrayal of a heroin-addicted Glaswegian in Trainspotting). Anyway, kudos on the expert Halloween costume-making you do! Not just the kids but the hubbie's outfit as well.