Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ToiletBob CacaMilk

i now appear to have a new nickname... ToiletBob!! this is a 3 year old's way of saying "s's mom." i was getting her some chocolate milk, which sounds kinda like "caca milk" coming from her, and my kids were rolling on the floor laughing about ToiletBob getting CacaMilk.

i have f through friday. it's been fun and successful... hopefully we'll get a few more days of enjoyment and then she can go home. the summerlike weather has put all of us in high spirits. having a warm breeze blow through the house at this time of year is heavenly.

obviously, there's a ton more to this whole story, and my emotions are running exceptionally high. i'm so fortunate to have such a supportive and wonderful family behind me-- especially my husband. he's my hero.


beenzzz said...

Yummy ToiletBob, I want some delicious caca milk too! :) That's too funny. Glad everything is going well. Wish the weather was summerlike here. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 25 degrees. OUCH! Frostbite.

Susan in Italy said...

I'm rooting for little f. and her return to her own family. Wishing everybody luck and peace.

maryfran said...

goodmorning toiletbob,
I can just hear s and h laughing at that! Glad to hear all is going well, I know she must be a delight. Were you able to get some clothes for her or have you saved some of s's things??
You are doing a wonderful thing for f.
love you,
toilet's grandbob

hellomelissa said...

i have two outfits for f (what she came in and what her dad brought that one day) and i got a cheapie at walmart for her.

you know me... as soon as it doesn't fit... IT'S OUTTA HERE! and she's so much littler than toilet.

think i'll be able to get through friday by laundering the 3 outfits i have. the main problem is her clothes are thick fleece and velour... and it's supposed to be 75 today.

s is home with a ferocious cough today so i think i'll take the girls to lowe's and get a christmas tree. gotta give in to the holiday spirit sooner or later!

beth said...

Love it! It's wonderful how children can make us laugh so easily. E had an Ankle Monkey (Uncle Mikey) for years. Why can't we all stay so sweet and innocent forever.

booklogged said...

What a hoot! I hope the nickname doesn't stick. Toilet's grandbob sounds like she has as fun a sense of humor as you. My grand-daughter calls my daughter Aunt Wowie for Aunt Aly.

Angela in Europe said...

Wow, I have been M.I.A. for a few days and you have a new kid! Seriously, what a lovely thing to do, ToiletBob!

Lotus Reads said...

I miss you, ToiletBob!!! Where are you???

Angela in Europe said...

Could you email me please. I can't seem to fine your email address. By the way, my mom told me I got something in the mail....Thanks in advance. :)