Tuesday, March 27, 2007

electronics issues

while on vacation, the first few days t and i took some nice photos to remember our tropical island trip. like these, for example...

and on the third evening, while taking a twilight stroll along the water's edge, the camera died with no warning. now, the camera was a cheapie to begin with, and had seen us through many a party, holiday, trip, and embarrassing moment, so we were only sad that we couldn't record any more memories. and those throwaway cameras they sell at the gift shops?? overpriced and they take lousy pictures.

we returned home and as we showed my folks the photos, we told them that there might be more but the camera had died. my mom got a funny look on her face, and proceeded to tell me that h had left our OTHER digital camera out in the rain one night while we were gone. "i didn't have the heart to scold him," she said. well, it WAS an accident, and i left a camera out in the rain a couple of years ago, so i agreed with her decision. i just asked him not to do it again. and the camera is kinda actually mostly fine, sort-of. it takes pictures, but is acting weird. i'll give it a matter of time before it, too, is dead.

the next day, my mom was grabbing something off the counter in our kitchen in preparation for their long trip back to michigan. after the grab, her watch band caught on our 3 year old cuisinart (my friend lisa says squeeze 'n' fart) grind 'n' brew thermal coffee maker and took it down to the floor, smashing some of the little plastic parts in the process. it may be fixable, and in the meantime she let me borrow the brand-new coffee maker that i had just bought for THEM until mine is fixed. i feel like an indian giver! or is that native american giver? or is that whole phrase in the pc wastebasket by now?

if all this wasn't enough, the FOLLOWING day, h was calling his sister from the computer room, "come check this out, s! it's REALLY cool!" my curiosity got the best of me, so i went in to see what was so cool. h was running a MAGNET along the surface of the COMPUTER MONITOR making pretty patterns and colors. "isn't it pretty?" he asked me. i was too busy scraping myself off the floor to answer. needless to say, i explained to him calmly and quietly that he most likely ruined the monitor for good, but that since he didn't know any better it was no big deal. just don't do it again. after degaussing the monitor a few times, it looks pretty good, but will never be quite the same.

of course i'm wondering what will go next, and i'm just hoping it's not one of the computers or a major appliance. or a car.

knock on wood.


Lainey-Paney said...

You are hereby univited to see, borrow, touch, or even stand near any of my electronics, until this wave of bad electronic luck leaves you & your family members!

I'm sorry about all of your stuff!
I was going to start that by saying, "I'm sorry about your camera"...but really, you're beyond that now! But really---the camera on the trip...i'd be sad!

Secret Pal said...

When it rains it pours. Hey it must be spring!

ML said...

Ok, squeeze and fart? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I love that!

I'm sorry all that stuff is happening to you. You know how they same things come in 3s? Bullshit! How about 20s!

mrsmogul said...

Hmm has it been a full moon cause that's when appliances go cuckoo!!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Our camera pooped out in Hawaii. Sigh. We bought a new one there, so we paid at least double what it would have cost here, maybe...but still, it was worth it. :)

I think the term is "US Government Giver", since they gave and took away so many times from the Native Americans...

Lotus Reads said...

Ouch, must hurt when three, or was it more, appliances bite the dust in quick succession! Must be the full moon as someone else said!

Jay said...

Everything all at once.
Don't worry, you're made of money, right?
Actually, even if you were, it's still annoying. Nothing lasts.

We lost a camera on vacation too - we had purposely bought a video camera for our wedding down south, but sand got in the motor and it died. On our wedding day. It was 12 days old.

Beenzzz said...

I'm loving the paradise pics! Lovely.

Ally Bean said...

I've always been told that bad things come in three's so I think that you're good to go now that the camera, coffeemaker and computer have been almost ruined.

Love the photo of the beach scene.

Da Mommy said...

oh MY!! Well, it's a good thing you didn't recently spend all of your extra cash on a wild relaxing trip of the caribbean or anything. Good thing.
P.S. You have some serious self control when it comes to scolding your kids. Congratulations, mind would have definitely gotten TOLD.

gmcountrymama said...

Hope you have better luck with appliances.
Its not Native American giving or Indian giving if it is your parents. Just keep it!

hellomelissa said...

lainey-paney-- but after the bad luck passes can we be friends?

secret pal-- in like a lamb, out like a lion.

ml-- you said it. and i wish i had come up with squeeze n fart myself.

mrs mogul-- being a cancerian, i am especially prone to full-moon syndrome.

j-- there weren't even any cameras to be bought on the resort, but the one that died was only like a hundred bucks. we won't replace it til the other one poops out for good.

lotus-- yep, i'm just holding my breath to see what's next.

jay-- i bleed money out my pores, so there's never a shortage. :) i sympathize on the videocam... h drpped ours on the slate fireplace when he was about 2. right before s was born. and we had no $ for another.

beenzzz-- and i'm loving your pics as well!

ally bean-- even if it's three's, i'm still scared!

da mommy-- ah, thank goodness for my old friend american express! and no, nothing can make me feel guilty about that trip.

gmcm-- i'm actually really liking the coffee pot that i bought and chose for them!

Mr. L said...

Too bad Master L's tv doesn't have a degaussing button. He gave one corner of the screen a magnet painting a year or two ago!