Friday, March 23, 2007

hair scare

last night s had a dream about a unicorn with a lovely rainbow-striped horn.

she woke up looking like this:

check out the sassy little pose on that girl!

i'm not sure what the night-time hair fairies are up to at our house, but i'm kinda scared to see what happens to t. after all, this is what the wind & humidity in the caribbean did to his hair:

we were eerily twin-like with our curl explosions... that is until i got the braids. maybe we should've gotten him braided too! THAT woulda been COOOOOOL.


ML said...

Loving the unicorn hair! Very sassy!

Wow, look at t's curls. My goodness, but those are some seriously cool curlage.

Autumn's Mom said...

Which Doobie you be?

Secret Pal said...

Your just setting new trends!

Andie D. said...

I LOVE the unicorn look! Wish I could find pony tail holders that would hold my hair that way.

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, how cute S. looks! How is she feeling now?

gmcountrymama said...

I hope a pretty unicorn will visit me in my dreams.
Yes, you should have encouraged the braids.

Susan in Italy said...

Excellent unicorn hair. I remember doing that once myself. And T? I sympathize; humidity does that to my hair too. BTW your corn row 'do looks beautiful.

Beenzzz said...

I love her hair! That is one great do. She looks like Cindy Lou Who. :)

J at said...

OMG, totally off topic...but we just watched BSG. ACK!

hellomelissa said...

ml-- funny thing is it gets curlier every year.

Autumn's mom-- i be doobie!

secret pal-- that's a nice way to put it!

andie d-- those little kid oneas tied on real tight and packed down to the scalp worked for us.

lotus-- she's still coughing, but MUCH better.

gmcm-- knowing t, he might have done it! :)

susan-- darn humidity! and mixed with the wind off the ocean? we both looked like ice cream cones.

beenzzz-- WELCOME HOME! and yes, it is quite cindy louish. once i tied a helium balloon onto a strand of my hair to look like ol' cindy lou.

j-- wait, wait... don't tell me! we haven't caught up from our vacation yet! now you've piqued my curiosity...

Da Mommy said...

I envy. Not even with all the humidity of the tropics to help me could I get curls in my hair!! I could quite likely look like a frizz ball but there would still be no curls. Darn it.