Saturday, June 24, 2006

big girl

our baby is 5.

so hard to believe that she's gotten so big so fast, and that we are so OLD! next is kindergarten, and the beginning of the empty nest.

wednesday was spent on activities chosen by the birthday girl, and first on the list was spending the $70 in birthday money. after dropping h at movie makers camp (where he was busy bustin' a sci-fi move, more on this later) the girl and i shopped 'til we dropped, searching for only the best of the best in fluffy plush dogs. we discovered the gem of the pack at walmart in a pet called "puppy surprise." the surprise? this dog has an unspecified number of puppies tucked in a velcro pouch that she "births" to the lucky owner. ours whelped 3 puppies! it was SO exciting! then, in front of best buy as we waited for the doors to open (had to buy the new elvis costello for t while we were out), the puppies got unborn. that's right, shoved right back in the mama dog and sealed back up again. only to give birth again and again and again. to anyone out there who has actually given birth, this is a horrifying concept. but this mama dog doesn't seem to mind a bit! she keeps the insipid smile and heart stuck to her face through the whole thing. *shudder*

after countless stores, two more stuffed dogs and an ugly doll later, we had the dream birthday lunch at elmo's diner. ham & cheese on white. then for dessert, a scrumptious katie's pretzel... cinnamon sugar with buttercream frosting. couldn't have chosen better myself.

she got to visit with her other 5 year old pals for a bit (see previous post) and then off to get our boy and head to YET ANOTHER walmart in order to get the dream birthday dinner. yes, folks, that's right. all our girl wanted for dinner was walmart fried chicken, baby carrots, and milk. so we ALL had to eat it. not to mention the fine selection of bakery cakes at this establishment! a white cake with big bright red roses was chosen (while i'm thinking of the amount of red dye #42 i'd be consuming) and we had dinner, cake & ice cream, and presents, topped by some leftover fireworks from last fourth of july that sent the dog under my skin.

so, a successful day, and another year of childrearing down.


Lotus Reads said...

A Happy, happy birthday, albeit belated, to S!!! The toy dog does look kinda cute, but yeah, not sure I'd want to see it have its puppies over and over - it would be much too traumatic for me! ;(

Lovely pictures of S.!

Mr. L said...

I'm still in "no-man's land" between Master L's ACTUAL birthday and his official birthday party with friends. It's like two weeks of constant birthday.

One of our local WalMarts has a Subway shop in it...short on the red dye...