Thursday, June 01, 2006


while in the car today returning home, s was doing her usual... singing original songs and asking me what was my favorite part.

she was actually pretty cohesive today, rhyming and everything, so it took me by surprise when she sang,

"i was walking through the park one day
in the merry month of may
but i missed my children
and it was very hot
so i went back home
and sat on the pot!"

no question as to my favorite part. i missed my children! oh, what am i going to do when she's in kindergarten all day????


Lotus Reads said...

Love it!!! A lil' Shel Silverstein in the making perhaps? ;) Do you read his poems to your kids? My kids just love everything he's written.

hellomelissa said...

oh, shel silverstein was such an integral part of my childhood. i even have a first printing of 'a light in the attic'! after all these years i can still recite many of his poems from heart after poring over them in the reading corner of my bedroom for hours and hours. my kids have heard some of it, but weren't quite ready to appreciate yet. maybe i'll try it on h again this summer... thanks for the suggestion!