Tuesday, June 20, 2006

like a hurricane

it's come as quite a surprise to many folks in the great state of north carolina that we do, indeed, have a hockey team. the team's been around for some time now, but has been in relative obscurity until recently. oh, i know there'll be naysayers that claim carolina hurricane mania, but guys, i grew up partially in DETROIT where hockey is KING and the redwings RULE so the fanbase here must be hidden. i have discovered that there are hard core fans and that they call themselves "caniacs." really a clever play on words, isn't it? i was impressed; it's way better than those wisconsin cheese heads.

the reason this afore-unbeknownst-to-many team has been flung from the grasp of relative obscurity? they have been, in the past weeks, in the stanley cup finals. and, after playing seven long games against the edmonton oilers, and almost blowing a 3-1 series lead, they won the darn stanley cup.

huh? a team from north carolina, playing a cold northern sport like hockey, in the championships, in JUNE for crying out loud, and WINNING the thing? when it's 90 degrees outside the rink where the final game took place? i'm in awe. it's incongruous! i compare it to a north dakotan beach volleyball team winning the national championships in january. it's simply not feasible. not feasible, but realistic i guess, since the carolina hurricanes just did it.

i wonder how many on the team are native carolinians? just wondering.


Mr. L said...

I would guess most of them are native Canadians!!

Lotus Reads said...

I'm tempted to agree with mr.l, but still,it's great to see a relatively unknown team win the Stanley Cup! Congrats,North Carolina!

Jay said...

Even Canadian teams don't have that many Canadians anymore...it IS weird that cities are so bonkers over their teams, made of up mostly of foreigners who have no ties to the city whatsoever; don't even live there. What's the point?

hellomelissa said...

i'm sure a guy with the last name brind'amour is from alamance county. not quebec! no chance!