Monday, June 05, 2006


it is a day of great and dusty upheaval. sometimes, though, it's good to get all your stuff done in one day, so you can look back at all the work and say, HEY! that wasn't so bad! it only took a day! but when other daunting and time consuming tasks arise, you never think about the big ones that only took a day. you think they'll take FOREVER so you put them off. or at least i do.

today is the day our water softener is being installed (cheers all around)! which hopefully means no more orange toilets and clothing, and no more having to pumice the calcium and lime deposits from our toilet bowl. after 4 years of this, i am SO more than ready. the guys chose a neglected corner of our garage to install the thing, and thus started my frenzy.

i'm cleaning the garage.

yes! mouse nests, dead mantises, cobwebs and old moldy fruit snacks in the corners. caterpillar corpses, dried leaves, and old rusty screws. it's hard to believe it's only been 4 years since it was a virgin garage, untouched by the trashiest people on the block. now it's a haven for cardboard boxes harboring cockroaches and more than a few unflown kites.

there is another reason to clean the garage today, and that is i decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. yes, that's right, the refrigerator delivery guys are ALSO coming today! which means my OLD refrigerator/freezer will need a new home in said garage as of later today.

this leads me to the next project of moving furniture so the new fridge will make it into the kitchen, then cleaning and scrubbing under each item. i took everthing out of the fridge, and luckily had cleaned the WHOLE THING last week, therein avoiding yet another icky project. that's okay-- i don't have running water for the day anyway!! (no shower)

although there is no real reason that the floor and the baseboards behind and under any refrigerator really SHOULD be clean, i get a sense of calm satisfaction knowing that they ARE clean. and later on today, in it's place, there'll be a virgin refrigerator, unsullied by our filthy ways. and outside, a clean garage. sigh. does life get any better than that? and i'll only be sneezing my brains out for the next 2 days.


Mr. L said...

Ah, the ol' purge 'n' clean...I need a bunch of that around here. But I spent the day mowing the grass and trimming that pesky 15-foot high branch that was touching the house instead. Last year I spent 3 days cleaning the basement out - that should count for something! :)

mom said...

Would you please take a picture of your garage so Dad can see it all clean and neat? He will be so proud of you. I know you'll just love your new refrig. and your old one in the garage will be great for all your "pop". Just so much excitement. Your brother actually cleaned his room. We had two trash bags full.

Lotus Reads said...

Woo hoo on the new refrigerator, enjoy its newness and its squeaky clean interior! You make me want to clean, too! Maybe I'll start with something easy, like the inside of M.'s car (he's away and no one uses it), and move on to more challenging things from there. I don't even want to think about cleaning under the stove or fridge, ugh!

sruthi said...

wow don't you love cleaning!!? the problem i run into is that once i decide to clean one thing, i have to do it all at once. i can't just do laundry, i have to tidy up my closet, mop the floors, everything!! but it feels really good once all of it is done and i can just sit back and think, haaaah at least i won't have to do this for at least a month!

hellomelissa said...

oh, y'all, my back, feet, ankles, knees, throat and sinuses are all paying me back for that frenzy yesterday! but i'm a) enjoying having ice and water in the door of the fridge (not rusty tasting!) and b) loving the new & improved garage. still some work to be done (ie: dump run) but it's an imrovement.

Susan in Italy said...

OK, here's what you do: forget about the South Beach thing and eat all the lovely overnight coffee cake you want as long as you keep up the super cleaning!

hellomelissa said...

now that, susan, sounds like a plan. :)