Monday, June 12, 2006


it's been a few days... first i was away from the 'puter, then the internet crapped out on us, and it was all for the better! sometimes i need a pixel holiday. plus, we're still in the honeymoon phase of summer. breaking eachother in, seeing what the general mood is, and being very busy having fun.

i meant to post on the movie "cars" last friday. i give it a 3 out of 4 "helloes." would one spell that 'hellos' or 'helloes?' anyhow, it was cute and lightly entertaining, nothing out-of-this-world like brad bird's amazing "incredibles." but way way way way better than a piece of garbage like "the wild." the one disclaimer... my 4 year old daughter found it "boring." she was in a bored kind of mood, though, and this could have been the problem.

last night we caravanned (one or two n's?? i'm having issues today) to steak n' shake in burlington with 2 othewr families. the guys followed on their motorcycles for a "joyride" and we got stuck in a brilliant lightning and thunder storm. shoulda seen it coming. steak 'n' shake was worth a wet husband. patty melt.... mmmmm.....

i spent a zillion dollars at walmart this morning replenishing our food stores. we were very depleted. and i always buy more when i can focus... WITHOUT CHILDREN! they have a "peter and the wolf" dance camp every morning this week. h suggested the theme of the camp to the director of the dance school, so i felt somewhat obligated to send them. anyhow, ari needed a ride to town, so i took him with me to pick up the kids and WOW! it turns out he went to high school with miss amanda, the kiddies' dance instructor. small world, eh?

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Lotus Reads said...

Melissa, all I can say is, wow, so glad to see your summer has got off to a really wonderful start with all of you immersed in such wonderful and interesting activities! I took a listen to the audio files from "Peter and the Wolf", I see now why it is so popular with everyone. Great stuff!