Thursday, June 08, 2006

the last days

from today until august 25th (i think), my kids and i will be celebrating summer! yes, that bittersweet end-of-school time of year is again upon us, bringing both the sadness of leaving another age behind as well as the excitement of summer and achievements to come.

yesterday was the potluck celebration at s's pre-k. the kids all wore their elaborate hand made "thinking caps" and sang some silly songs. each got an award certificate. hers reads: "certificate of achievement to s for recognition of outstanding achievement in playing pretend puppy at preschool 2005-2006 school year." makes a mama proud knowing that her daughter can act like a dog BETTER than at least 20 other children. brings a tear to the eye.

h-man jumped off the bus yesterday, so proud of his getup that he forgot to grab his bag & jacket. for winning the reading contest in his class, he got the COOL "reading star" shirt (there are already plans underway to wear it for the first day of second grade), a pair of ultra-eighties sunglasses on a cord, and a certificate SIGNED BY THE PRINCIPAL. it doesn't get much cooler than that.

today when he gets off the bus after an early dismissal, we'll have a little happy dance celebrating days of sun, pool, beach, and sleeping in past 6:15. life IS good.


Lotus Reads said...

Awwww, S's thinking cap is super cool! And I'm not surprised H. is a reading star - like they say, the apple never falls far from the tree! :)
What are the both of you reading these days?

I can't wait to read all about the different things you and the kids get up to over summer. You always plan such cool things for them, Melissa.

N. fractured her big toe yesterday, so she has to be indoors for a while. Any suggestions on how to keep a 15-year old busy and away from the TV and internet will be most welcome!

sruthi said...

melissa your kids are so cute. i love reading about the funny things they say and the stories they write and now, the hats they wear! excellent commentary on how your girl can act like a puppy better than anyone else. H is pledging alleigance to something, what is it? hahah

Lotus, how about getting your 15 year old to start reviewing books like you do so that i can have twice the bookload everytime i check your blog!!;)

hellomelissa said...

lotus!! how is n holding up?? oh, i hope you're finding things to do. did she break it playing soccer?? maybe she'll get an early b-day gift from nc. h is reading magic tree house #32 i think, and i am reading (thank you!) the virgin's lover.

wow, sruthi, thank you! it's tough to be objective, but i think my kids are a barrel of laughs. i just don't expect anyone ELSE to think they're so cute! the kindest compliment to a mother is to compliment their child.