Monday, December 04, 2006

new post

in response to lotus' comment on my last post...


i wrote a lengthy, thoughtful post this morning before running errands the rest of the day and blogger ATE IT. i swear, i am not making that up. here is the condensed version.

f went home on friday. she was happy. i was emotional.

shopping nightmare after dance class saturday.

took the kids to "nutcracker" on sunday.

did a bunch of stuff i needed to do today.

more when i'm less frustrated with losing posts.


beenzzz said...

Darn blogger! Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend, except for the unruly child at the Nutcracker. Shopping was pretty bad the other day when my husband and I went to Costco. I think everyone was in a trance!!! It was amazing to watch them.

booklogged said...

I hate it big time when blogger gets mean and hungry. URGHHH!

Lotus Reads said...

Boy, Melissa, am I glad to see you! *hugs* I knew you were busy with F. but I got a tad worried when I didn't see anything from you in almost a week! Bad blogger for swallowing up your morning's post! Will check your blog again tomorrow.