Tuesday, February 21, 2006


we (the kids and i) are playing hooky today.

no reason, just need a break. for 2 months there are no vacation days and no teacher workdays, and that just seemed like kind-of alot for a little guy. or maybe i just felt like having fun with my 2 best kid friends. i aided and abetted in the absence of 2 of h's best friends (at another school... otherwise the teachers might get suspicious) and we're all going ice skating. my kids have never been, so this should be interesting! hopefully the experience lasts for more than 15 minutes because i love to skate and haven't been in years.

it was a nice surprise for my little man, he didn't know why he wasn't being shuffled around first thing in the morning, and why he was able to sit and play with his sister. she, too, was excited about "skipping school"-- even though she has no school today anyway!

grandma & papa left early early early this morning, so a fun excursion will be just what we need to ease the separation. i'll post pictures tomorrow.

oh, after we skate we may go see "8 below" if we can sit in a theater without our butts hurting from falling on the ice too much.

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