Friday, February 24, 2006

i can feel it coming...

what can i feel coming? sickness, that's what. it's crawling on my skin, tightening my breath, and rimming my eyes. i'm praying to the gods of vitamin c and hot tea with honey and lemon that i can shake it off successfully, like i normally do. but with s being viral and t being strepped, i think my immune system is about at the end of it's rope. let's hope not, 'cause mommies can't afford to get sick, they have too darned much to do. especially when they have taxes taxes taxes to do. just the thought of those thousands of receipts calling my name from their little blue file box makes me sick in a whole different way.

went out last night to rockfish at southpoint mall with 5 friends. i didn't do anything crazy to make me feel so crappy today, i swear. only one really large and heavy goblet-ful of red oak. man, there is NO way to look ladylike drinking from one of those things. good thing i'm not all that worried about looking ladylike, huh? the dinner was good, but the hot bread pudding soaked in a buttery bourbon sauce was... was... the adjectives i'm thinking won't do it justice. heavenly? mouthwatering? memorable? i don't know, all i know is i wish i could go back there RIGHT NOW and have another.

kids are zooming stylish barbies along the floor in their happening cars. all i see are big blonde frizzy fluffs popping out the top of the convertibles. the storyline seems to be something about stolen puppies. hmmm... barbie as dognapper? unlikely. although maybe i'll write mattel and suggest it as the plot for their next lame cgi barbie movie. the princess thing is getting a little tired, don't we think?

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Lotus Reads said...

Oh you poor thing, hope those winter sniffles go away soon.

Mon dieu, that bread pudding sounds heavenly - you have me drooling all over the keyboard here. Nasty image, I know, but man, I love my desserts!