Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the plot sickens...

we're even more mired in child bodily fluids now than yesterday. i went to get my first grade son out of bed this morning for school, and found that he had wet the bed. it's been AGES since this happened, so of course the mattress pad wasn't waterproof. while i was still getting him in the tub, i hear noises from s's room that sound remarkably like retching. one bed full of pee, the other bed full of vomit. laundry, anyone??

the poor girl is just gray and can't keep a thing down. of course, she can't manage to get the barf IN the bucket provided, just on everything else in her immediate vicinity. i wish i had a tarp.

reason #3 for the blogging vacation: my first knit garment. a jacket for the girl.

aren't you proud?

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